10 Amazing Survival Horror Games

Middle of Nowhere Gaming kicked off horror month in celebration of Halloween with this list of ten must-play games for fans of the horror game genre.

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kris95121209d ago

>sees Dead Space in the article photo
>doesn't click

HOw can anyone call Dead Space "survival horror"?


Most (if not all) of the games mentionned in the article neother have horror within them (having monsters or zombies doesn't equal horror) nor survival (no survival elements and gameplay).

Simco8761209d ago

Have you played the first Dead Space? I would consider that survival horror man. 2 and 3? Different story, more action.

hemmo19861208d ago

I'd say number two still passes but only just. Number three, yeah different kettle of fish.

AntoineDcoolette1208d ago

Play Dead Space 2 on that mode where you can only save 3 times. That s*** is tough, requires precision and a solid strategy, and is straight up survival.

SurvivalHorrible1209d ago

I'm really hoping we get a good Fatal Frame for Wii U. From what I understand the one that came out in Japan was a bit risque, but I think there could be life in that series yet.

hemmo19861208d ago

1. Resident evil 2
2. Resident evil remake
3. Resident evil 4
4. Silent hill 2
5. Silent hill ps1
6. Clock Tower
7. Resident evil Code veronica
8. Dead space
9. Resident evil 3
10.Dead space 2

Hopefully The Evil Within will be up there soon.

StrawberryDiesel4201208d ago

No mention of Last of Us? That was pretty survival horrorish....I would definitely go with the original Dead Space, that game is amazingly well made and polished. Love it.

Matt6661208d ago

Why is RE4 in that list, its what started the action based RE's off.

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