Final Fantasy XV's Battle Against Nostalgia

The key to Final Fantasy XV’s success isn’t embracing the franchise’s storied past, it’s looking ahead to its future.

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sonypsnow1450d ago

Final Fantasy 7 is not the higher rated Final Fantasy 9, and that's what makes Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV will be a great Final Fantasy XV.

CaspuR1450d ago

i get his point i think. Hes was trying to say every final fantasy game is good in there own way, and appeals to there fans in different ways. But god, trying to decipher that sentence was almost more confusing than trying to figure out wtf happened to destinys story mode.

Drummerdude411450d ago

It always bugged me how people compare Final Fantasy games like they are one series instead of Just a Brand within Square Enix.

kalkano1450d ago

That's the problem. With 1-10, it was a series. Now, it's just a brand. It has become meaningless. And, especially now that it's emulating every other modern console RPG, it's just another face in the crowd. There is no longer anything to make it stand out.

chadwarden1450d ago

Just put Lightning in the game as the main character. Everything is then fixed.

Becuzisaid1450d ago

I didn't see a /s at the end of that.

kalkano1450d ago

The title of this article alone makes gives me extremely low expectations for the intelligence within. Here I go...

Spotie1450d ago

I don't see why. Nostalgia is probably a bigger hindrance to new entries in the FF franchise than any other series running.

kalkano1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Sure enough, you don't know what you're talking about.

"I've seen so many articles, threads, and forums pleading for Square Enix to go back to its roots. Give us magic, turn-based action, overhead views, towns, characters we can name "Wiener," etc. This isn't the solution; this will just create more of a problem. If Square Enix were to take the old-school approach, there's no way it could meet expectations."

Nothing about turn-based is "old-school". If anything, action is "old-school". It's older. I'll repeat this for every time someone tries to use this argument. And they have a MUCH higher chance of meeting expectations if they go back to turn-based. By going action, many people will not even CONSIDER THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE, whereas many of the people who want it to go action would still buy it if it were turn-based.

"The old Final Fantasy titles are classics because of the era in which they released, what they meant to us, and the magic they still hold."

No, they're classics because they're FANTASTIC GAMES. Simple as that. I constantly replay them. They're still great. I constantly play other old turn-based games that I had never played before. They're GREAT.

"JRPGs are as strong as ever"

JRPGs have never been worse (and this is coming from someone who loves them).

"I want them to take the series I love so dearly and give it a second life."

So do I. But the only way to do that is to go back to turn-based. Otherwise, it's dead, and it's never coming back.

Bottom line (as I've said many times before): Cram your terms like "nostalgia"/"ro se colored glasses". That's BS. People like that kind of game more than the kinds of games they are currently making. It's as simple as that. Recapturing that is not nearly as hard as you make it sound. All they have to do is TRY; but they refuse.