Final Fantasy XV's Battle Against Nostalgia

The key to Final Fantasy XV’s success isn’t embracing the franchise’s storied past, it’s looking ahead to its future.

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sonypsnow1505d ago

Final Fantasy 7 is not the higher rated Final Fantasy 9, and that's what makes Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV will be a great Final Fantasy XV.

CaspuR1505d ago

i get his point i think. Hes was trying to say every final fantasy game is good in there own way, and appeals to there fans in different ways. But god, trying to decipher that sentence was almost more confusing than trying to figure out wtf happened to destinys story mode.

Drummerdude411505d ago

It always bugged me how people compare Final Fantasy games like they are one series instead of Just a Brand within Square Enix.

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chadwarden1505d ago

Just put Lightning in the game as the main character. Everything is then fixed.

Becuzisaid1505d ago

I didn't see a /s at the end of that.

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