Far Cry 4 Trailer Displays Various Weapons

Gameranx: "Dubbed the "Weapons Gameplay Trailer," it shows off a handful of weapons that will be available to players."

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64commando1508d ago

This vid kinda turned me off... Its literally the exact same as 3, same animations, sound, and everything

XBLSkull1508d ago

It's FarCry, it's going to play like FarCry, and I guarantee 5 isn't going to be much different. Still looks fun to me, glad to see the mortar back, I hope it has a nice targeting system this time around. Was too hard to use effectively in FC2.

grailly1508d ago

I thought it was pretty clear from the start that this game was basically FC3 in a new setting. I'm fine with that though.

Kornholic1508d ago

"Literally the exact same as 3"

Literally? Literally the same? LITERALLY?

I enjoyed the hell out of Far Cry 3, and I'm glad, if Far Cry 4 is anything like Far Cry 3.

ironfist921508d ago

*Far Cry 3 comes out*
"Oh my god I love this game so much, im going to play it more than once"
*Far Cry 4 comes out*
"How crap, it looks and plays exactly the same as FC3, its so shit, fuck this game*

Goddamn gamers...