DriveClub Finished Build Night-Time POV Crash Footage HD

PS4Fans have got fresh gameplay from the finished build of DriveClub showing what it's like to drive inside an Audi R8 at night, ending with an incredibly realistic crash.

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Xsilver1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Those Screens Cracks tho and the shaking camera really added a nice touch now if your airbag pot'd out that would be crazy.
and it's good to know Cars will be Flipping :D.

jhoward5851203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Yeah, cars flipping n rolling in DC is awesome. cant wait to experience it for myself.

Septic1203d ago

Really great sense of speed in this. I found myself wincing as he lost control.

jhoward5851203d ago


He kept driving after the crash so I guess you can say he's still alive, LOL.

ZeroX98761203d ago


That was the first thing that came to my mind.

I just love the animation, this game is looking better and better! :D

pedrof931203d ago

Do you remember the Perfect Day Ps4 commercial? The driveclub cars did flip over.It was a hint.

BattleTorn1203d ago

I'm picturing the scene from the Need For Speed movie.

NukaCola1203d ago

Well that mix of sexy graphics, lighting & particle effects, physics, sounds, and well executive camera work made that the most realistic rollover I have ever seen in a game! Wow!

windblowsagain1202d ago

I was at the side of the road watching that. So glad to see he carried on. Had my finger on the phone.

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Future_20151203d ago

is there car damage or is it all just visual?

amiga-man1203d ago

Car damage is visual it will not effect handling, Motorstorm was the same but didn't stop it being great fun.

As for the crash WOW talk about turning your world upside down lol,

MarkusMcNugen1202d ago

Would have been a billion times better if it had mechanical and internal damage.

user56695101202d ago

the gfx on this game looks good as hell. they definitely should show this off tho looks weird when a car crashes and roll and drive off like its brand new. kinda ruins the video

krouse931202d ago

That guy waiting at the end, after you recover from your crash... Is that a teaser for the next ghost in PT/Silent Hills???

AndrewLB1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

I have to admit, that crash was actually pretty good. Rarely do crashes in racing games cause me to get that slightly sick feeling you get along with the feelings and emotions that accompany being reminded of real car crashes that I experienced 8 and 12 years ago. Ugh... at least time I don't have to spend the next 5 months learning to walk again. lol. (yeah.. try getting hit by a drunk driver in a slightly off-set head-on collision at 55mph vs 50mph when the other car swerved into my lane about 2 car lengths before impact.. ugh. My 2001.5 Audi S4 saved my life.)

The accident would have been better if the drivers peripheral vision would have narrowed to a tunnel vision effect and more importantly, the action should have slowed down in order to mimic the 'fight or flight' mechanism that kicks in the moment your body floods with adrenaline and the brain becomes overclocked much like a processor.

Also... the windows should have been blown out, and that sound of broken up temperd glass pieces needs to be heard all over the inside of the car towards the end of the rolling.

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rarity1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

At 00:35 the car flipped it looked AWSHUM

ThunderPulse1203d ago

That was the most epic crash I've seen in a game yet. It reminds of the time in Dead Island 1 when me and my friends drove off a cliff in a pickup and blew it up.

Soc51203d ago

Yeah it was! I like how the guy waited after the crash was over, like he was stunned, thinking Am i alive?
and then drove off

Ka7be1203d ago

That flip was great! and sound engine is fantastic.

buyakabuyaka61991203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I am going to crash into all of my teammates cars.

Play together. Flip together. Lol

cfc781203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

10/10 for the roll over impressive but wheres the damage or maybe it was fully off.

kayoss1203d ago

I like damage in sim racer. But for Arcade racer, if your car crashed and the damage affects the performance of your vehicle, you will basically lose the race. Most of the arcade racer is to drive as fast as you can and disregard the race line and your opponents and win the race. Where as in sim racer you must memorize the race line and drive with precision.
Having damages affect your performances means that there is no way you will catch up to your opponent after a severe crash.

cfc781203d ago

Im talking broken windscreen/windows lol.

MarkusMcNugen1202d ago

Yeah, but as you said " drive as fast as you can and disregard the race line and your opponents and win the race" which would imply just about everyone else would be crashing as well. It's not like you would be the only one with mechanical damage in the game...

I get why, but it kills racing games for me when there is no mechanical damage whatsoever.

ABizzel11203d ago


If I remember correctly car damage depends on the car you're driving. These high end car manufacturers limit the amount of damage you can do to the cars with their strict and stingy guidelines.

They'll make you repaint an entire car and stop selling to you if you don't abide by their terms and conditions.

cfc781203d ago

I just thought it was strange how the windows didnt crack like they do in Forza after a roll over.

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