Intel CIO Responds to Criticism From Anti-“Gaters”

Santa Clara, CA The latest in the so-called “Gamer Gate” scandal involved high-profile tech corporation Intel pulling ads from Gamasutra. Twitter was immediately buzzing with tweets critical of Intel’s move.

The Kohlrabi contacted Intel CIO Kim Stevenson to react to some of these tweets.

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UltimateMaster1296d ago

The way of the gamer troll, if something doesn't go their way, they destroy everything in their path like a bunch of savages.

radler1296d ago

I'm glad Intel did the right thing and pulled their ad support. Hopefully if we see more things like this occur the scumbags in the gaming journalism industry will be out of a job.

WeAreLegion1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

No source?

tack1291296d ago

The article itself is satire but Intel pulling advertising from Gamasutra did actually happen.

WeAreLegion1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

I honestly read through about five different articles on the site. One or two of them felt mildly satirical.

You shouldn't have to put "Satire" on something. The work should be biting and funny. The Onion. Clickhole. Airplane. South Park.

yarbie10001296d ago

Why does this crap get posted? N4G wont let a story about hackers breaking into Xbox get posted but they'll let this get approved.

Dunban671296d ago

Why isn t it labeled as satire? Why do they let satire post without proper notation

It's kind of like the "rumor" stories posted as news - if it says rumor that means the author can make up whatever they want

NitrousX1295d ago

Wheres the link to the post link provided takes me straight to the website. Could someone provide a link please thanks