Cryptarchs, Loot Caves and Everything Else Wrong with Destiny’s Loot System

UM writes: As it stands now, Destiny feels more like a Candy Crush-type game. Higher level rewards and engrams are dangled in front of you like a carrot on a string. As you pursue them, even better items are revealed just outside of your grasp. The game encourages you to keep playing, repeating similar tasks over and over again and hoping to close the distance between you and that juicy carrot. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie decided to sell engrams for real cash as DLC. They’d make billions.

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ScottyHoss1534d ago

Aaaaaaand cryptarch no longer screws people over. Problem solved.

Maxor1534d ago

Destiny still screws people on a regular basis.

vallencer1534d ago

The engrams are a hell of a lot better now. This article though when it talks about look is just annoying. Any rpg in the style of loot finding is all about gear dangling in front of you. That's the point of a mmo style game or dungeon crawlers. It's always about finding that better gear.

DivoJones1534d ago

I'm going to have to disagree there... I leveled up my cryptarch reputation to 5 and got a Legendary bonus in the mail. It was purple. So I open it.. 2 blue engrams. Now those engrams can't downgrade, but the GD mailbox bonus I received sure did.

fOrlOnhOpe571534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Same here but at least I felt better when I got a choice of three exotic bounties. Searched the farthest and deepest corners of Mars for a few hours and finally found the loot cache right close to the initial Drop-in point. Doh!

SojournUK1534d ago

same happened to me an hour ago, two guns the same - v unhappy!

ThatOneGuyThere1534d ago

game is fixed now, as far as loot in concerned. the color you see is AT LEAST the color of gear you will get. its very enjoyable.

sevilha821534d ago

Does the author even knows that this as been fixed...?

ScottyHoss1534d ago

Most likely, considering the changes were announced a week ago. Clicks are clicks though, and they love controversy.

TM3331534d ago

You can say that again. Clicks are clicks and that's exactly what these articles are geared toward. Sad part is, it does get attention.

ScottyHoss1534d ago

If this were published 2 weeks ago, before the changes were announced, never mind implemented, I would agree with his point but seriously? They post it the same day it changes. -_- darn click baiters

LAWSON721534d ago

People complain about the crytarch but it is my main source for purple engrams. I am on rank 12 and every level he gives a purple package. The patch also leads to less BS

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