Is Europe doomed from getting Demo's? writes: "It seems like Europe is pretty much doomed as far as demo's go simply because they cannot buy/download Qore, an interacting online program.

I mean, take a look at the upcoming episode 2.

So what does this tell us? It says that there is an exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm demo available when you buy Qore episode 2. So how will the people in Europe be able to play this demo? They can't."

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wolfehound223827d ago

I'm pretty sure all the stores have been getting demos regularly. Even since the dreaded Qore came out. But in all honesty it should really say "Is Europe doomed from getting demos at the same time as other regions" now thats the big issue. One demo in qore not that big of a deal, but waiting 2-3 weeks and sometimes more for demos and other content that has been on the us store is an issue.

AmaziN3827d ago

Yes but what if this continues and more and more exclusive demo's are released on Qore rather than the Store. So yes, Europe are doomed.

resistance1003827d ago

*rolls Eyes*

Its exclusive in AMERICA, Europe will get it as well on there PS store without Qore.

PirateThom3827d ago

Or never, if SCEE are anything to go by, anyway.

andron3827d ago

Then it's released for the rest of PSN. Not a problem really.

Would be little point in subscribing if they didn't get anything special for it...