SCE London Studio wants to bring social experiences to Project Morpheus

SCE London Studio, the developer behind games such as Wonderbook, The Playroom and SingStar, wants to bring social experiences to Project Morpheus.

Director Dave Ranyard said involving other people in the virtual reality experience - whether watching on a television or interacting through companion apps - is "something that's really important" to the studio.

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"Look at our studio history - we've done a lot of social games," he told Digital Spy at D.I.C.E. Europe 2014.

"That's something we really want to bring to VR. We made the EyeToy games, like EyeToy Play... and there was a point with those, before they were released, when the team realised actually we like watching people do this is almost as fun as doing it.

"I think even now you see people playing Street Luge, standing around and laughing at what they were doing, and when they come out and talk about, 'Oh you were doing this' - that's part of [the experience]."

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