What's So Great About Frame Rate?

Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and as both a console and PC gamer, I have begun to notice both spirited and downright nasty debates online regarding what frame rate looks best and is consistent in certain games.

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3-4-51538d ago

30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING...

Not every artist is as talented....Not every Dev is as talented.

Some make it work...others struggle.

Eventually though MOST games will be 60 FPS.

* This gen was just a Nice boost to fill in all the missing things. It basically just made slight improvements on everything.

The NEXt xbox,Nintendo, Sony console....will be a much bigger noticeable upgrade in Frame Rate, Graphics and everything else.

TheWackyMan1538d ago

"30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING..."

Please god save me from this nightmare.

DevilOgreFish1538d ago

"30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING.."

As a console gamer, sure it's great. as a PC gamer...Not on my PC "snaps fingers".

cpayne931538d ago

"30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING"

What do you even mean by that? You mean when it never drops below 30? A solid 30 fps with little to no dropping is fine... but amazing? Wat.

Future_20151538d ago

30fps is cinematic, god help us if devs use these lines in the future like those order 1886 developers

Army_of_Darkness1538d ago

After playing most of my ps4 at 60fps( or close too 60fps for the frame counters) my eyes can't help but see the choppiness of 30fps now... So No. Games can play good at 30fps but it will never play, look and perform as great as 60fps...
Now I'm honestly hoping every game this Gen is 60fps or at least has a frame rate close too it.

Insomnia_841538d ago

"30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING."


Clearly, you don't know what your talking about.

Qrphe1538d ago

I don't find issues with framerate when playing on a TV, but I have a screen sitting on my face it has to be at least 60fps, 120 to actually be comfortable playing that close

user56695101538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

translation: 30fps only looks good when sony does it

this has a feel of last gen. when the only game that did 60fps was mostly cod. when you cant when its now good. now consoles can do 60fps with decent gfx now they can suddenly see and appreciate high frame rate? it like everything else. they get it late now its good.

pc gamers you wasnt right about high frame rate and gfx features. but these new, but old stuff we use to downplay and say we didnt see and people dont notice is the beesknees. i didnt say yall right because i dont know why we dont say yall have an advantage even if yall do. i own stock yeah i OWN STOCK. that my reason for hating.

Stallion1537d ago

Plenty of PS2 games ran at 60 fps. Devs are selecting better graphics and higher resolutions over 60fps. It's a dev/pub/console industry problem, not a tech problem and therefore can't be fixed by making the tech better.

XBLSkull1537d ago

The higher the better but really for me as long as it isn't hindering my game play I don't really care. 60 is great but 30 is fine. I get like 150FPS in StarCraft 2 lol and I can tell you it doesn't make it any better than the 30-40FPS I used to get out of it on my previous gaming PC.

CertifiedGamer1537d ago

I don't know what is more saddening that you think 30 fps looks amazing or that you still see yourself as a console gamer by next gen. Time to climb the latter and eat from the tree of knowledge. PS5 and Xbox2 will be even further behind 2018 PCs than the PS4 and Xbone were behind 2013 PCs.

Clunkyd1537d ago

I use "Motion Plus"(Samsung calls it that) It reduces judders and makes the picture smoother. So 30fps doesn't bother me. It kinda feels like 60fps to be honest.

UltraNova1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )


With this cost effective/low risk everything wave we currently ride(from all sides), I will be very happy if the next-next gen consoles (4-5 years from now) can do rock solid 1080p/60fps with CURRENT PC 'ultra quality' assets!

...which I doubt and sincerely hope to be proved wrong.

TWB1537d ago

What does that even mean, how can one do worse measurable unit than other (when both are equal) ?

garos821537d ago

60 fps per second is always preferred however i have had way to much fun with many 30fps titles such that i don't take a high horse and boycott any game that doesn't hit 60. that would be silly cause i would have missed fantastic titles like red dead redemption,mgs4,shadow of the colossus, most of my ps3 library and many more.
Just as long as the 30fps are stable

AndrewLB1537d ago

UltraNova- Hate to break it to you, but none of the multiplats released for PS4/Xbone would be considered "ultra quality" when compared to the PC version. They all lack in Ambient Occlusion, shadow filtering, texture filtering, anti-aliasing, lighting effects, etc.

UltraNova1537d ago


:) "I will be very happy if the next-next gen consoles (4-5 years from now) "

I was referring to the ps5 and xb2... 'next-next gen'

Pay a little bit more attention next time ;-)

3-4-51537d ago

uhh Stop being "Fake Elitist" Guy...seriously just stop.

30 FPS has been fine forever.

Sure I want 60 FPS, and it ALWAYS looks better/plays better.

It's just not really worth crabbing about as much as you guys do.

* I have a PC and games look much better on it...I have NO problem going and playing an HD game on PC, and going and playing 240p 30FPS on 3DS.

Fun is snobs.

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BitbyDeath1538d ago

As long as it doesn't fall below 30FPS then I have no problem with it.

That's when you really notice it.

aaron58291538d ago

try play TLOU Remastered for around 2 hours, then switch to the 30fps mode...

Tell me what you think...

one of the reasons so many people prefer COD (although I'm a Battlefield guy) for the last gen, was because of the "silky smooth controls" ... well guess what... it was 60fps, that made it felt like "silky smooth controls" ...

so, to the people who says they cant see the difference between 30 and 60fps, i have to wonder if you need your eye checked out...

BitbyDeath1538d ago

I can one up that, try play TLOU on 1080p and then set your TV to display only 720p.

FlameBaitGod1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

"30 FPS, when done right, looks AMAZING... "

That shit has to be the fking comment of the decade here on n4g. Mods plz give him something. There is no words to describe how bad informed you have to be, to write something like that ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! and people actually agreed LMFAO!!!!!

user56695101538d ago

cant do that most of people on this site said this. they only change their tune because this gen most game is capable of doing it at decent gfx. last gen if someone said they wanted high frame rate or that a game is low and it they bashed them. most people on this site state how 30 fps is what they want and 60 wasnt needed. its only until now (we know why) people see and feel the benefits.

if you been on this site for a long time as i did you will remember how long the "30fps is for cinematic reasons" and, "its no benefit to frame rates over 30 in genre thats not racing, fighting, twitch shooter(excuse for cod)"

LumpztheClown1538d ago

Thanks, good buddy! But sadly, I can't find the link to your article that you sent earlier! :-/ Think I might have screwed something up when I logged out, then logged back in...If you reply to this comment, I'll give it a look by 5PM MST! Bout to head out the door now! Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it! :-)

rizzardcore1538d ago

Good research, great points...I like it when people actually look into things rather than jump on a catch-phrase bandwagon.

jrshankill1538d ago

Very good, researched article. Enjoyed reading this. Well done good sir.

derikmoore1538d ago

Well written and researched article. I'm glad you tried to set people straight on the frame rate cult crap.

Peekayboo1537d ago

Have fun with your controllers deadzones and 33ms of rendering latency at 30 fps