Driveclub Dev Wants To Surprise Players With DLC

One of Driveclub devs explains that they will employ a very different DLC plan than most companies, with some space left for surprises.

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Mikefizzled1509d ago

I'm guessing something off the wall and unheard of. Go Karts...

Alexious1509d ago

I would love karts. But even something from Motorstorm would be amazing! Can't wait for a new PS4 game in that series.

UltimateMaster1509d ago

DLC is hardly a surprise for any game.
Good quality DLC offering great value for reasonable price is.

Forn1509d ago

I was going to say Motorstom tracks with a separate set of cars haha. One can only dream :-P

WeAreLegion1509d ago

Gran Turismo has go karts. I love them!

Phoenix761509d ago

@mike: or quite possibly, tractors! Oh-ah!

FITgamer1509d ago

Sarcasm? GT has go karts.

Aceman181509d ago

Yes both GT5 and 6 have go-kart racing in it look it up on YouTube

HaveAsandwich1508d ago

You want to truly surprise me with your dlc? Make it free.......

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Aurenar1509d ago

I will be surprised when the dlc plans will cease to exist.

kaiserfranz1509d ago

I would be so glad if that happened! If only we could get back to the good old "expansions"...

Torque_CS_Lewith1509d ago

A car not from Europe?! No I kid.

Nekroo911509d ago

I also noticed that. If drifting is a big thing for driveclub they should have added Japanese cars

boskoz1509d ago

Not a big fan of DLCs

GarrusVakarian1509d ago

What about DLC's that are made from scratch after the game has launched? At least that way, nothing is getting cut from the main game to be sold later on.

Alexious1509d ago

Those are better,but I'd still rather get a huge chunk of content instead of many smaller DLCs like many games use to do now.

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The story is too old to be commented.