Would Sony Kick Minecraft off their consoles?

Taken from IM PLAYIN:

"Now that Microsoft have brought Mojang and Minecraft along with it, the question on everyone’s mind is what will happen to the hugely popular game? Will it become an exclusive to Microsoft platforms or will they continue to support the game for everything that it is currently on?

So far, Microsoft has come out and said that it will not take the game off of any console and I think that is a smart move. Seeing how much bad blood they’ve received when they announced that Tomb Raider may be an exclusive, I don’t think that they could afford to be hated again so soon and by such a huge number of gamers. Microsoft however, are in a unique position of owning a game that is on everything, even their fiercest competitor. This means that soon enough, when I boot up my PS4 and play Minecraft, I will have to see a nice little Microsoft logo pop up on the screen. This is advertising for Microsoft where they would want to be, right in the faces of PS4 owners."

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DLConspiracy1209d ago

That is something that Sony could do if they wanted. Although since PS is fortheplayers. I would think that would be a rather ill move on their part. It's unfortunate that they don't bring exclusives to PC already.

UltimateMaster1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

No, they won't ban Minecraft.
That'd be stupid to even consider it.
Sony really doesn't care who owns the game, they give them their fair share of the money just like every other devs even if it's Microsoft.

Thatguy-3101209d ago

Exactly at the end of the game its business.

donthate1207d ago

I think Sony would like to ban it, but the outrage from gamers would be fear enough that they won't.

nX1207d ago

It would be stupid to have Minecraft everywhere but on Playstation... if you ask Sony this question you'll get guaranteed laughter.

Masterchief_thegoat1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

you how many loyal mineps3/ps4fanbase will switch to xbox if they do a stupid move like that. So I said no

gootimes1207d ago

I really doubt there is a single person who would buy a console specifically for minecraft, not to mention switch consoles, but I could be wrong... Back in it's prime, maybe.

Revolt131207d ago

Children would do this, so yeah, it could happen

nX1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Children play it on PC for years already, that's how it got so popular. (+ the low system requirements)
My brother begged me to buy the Alpha when he was 12 or so and he convinced at least 10 friends to play with him.

TheGrimReaper00111207d ago

If you truly are a minecraft fanatic, you would get it on PC. If you are getting a console for minecraft, something is clearly wrong with you

That said, no they wont kick it off.
It cost money to bring it to their consoles in the first place, they'd lose potential buyers for Minecraft on consoles and they would piss of the people who already bought it

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MrSwankSinatra1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Why would Sony bring their exclusives to PC? If they did that it would degrade the worth of their platform. Sony isn't dumb.....

NeoGamer2321207d ago

But if they are for gamer choice why wouldn't they? they would probably profit more by taking games like uncharted, tlou, god of war, etc. To the pc.

TheGrimReaper00111207d ago


Oh sure, they'd make more profit?

First of, cause of the architecture, it would cost losts of time, money and work to get any of the Uncharted games, GOW3, Heavy Rain, etc ... to run on the pc.

Second, it would devalue their own platforms. Sony hasn't been doing well on the pc platform and so they have to rely on other platforms for them to sell games. (In fact, with PS Now, they are bringing it on tv's)

Third. Sony has many great exclusives where Single Player is the main focus. This means people mostly wont care about online functions. See what I'm getting at? Pirating a game on pc is extremely easy to do and most would do just that. Not saying you would, but numbers have shown that pc games get pirated ALL the time. Why do you think steam has such low prices? Cause it knows it has to compete with piracy.

That said though, I would like to imagine GOW 3 or Uncharted or The Last of Us in super HD, 60fps on a pc.

badz1491207d ago

The real question is, will MS stop supporting Mincraft on Playstations in the near future? Having minecraft on PS won't make anyone want a Xbox but I can't see people choose console based on Minecraft anyway.

donthate1207d ago

I think Minecraft is big enough that people would choose consoles based on that, but reality is that MS will keep it as is and support it the same way it has so far.

However, future sequels to Minecraft is another question. MS never confirmed all future games will be on all platforms, just current ones will stay.

badz1491207d ago


what? you're saying if Minecraft is exclusive to Xbox ONE, it will win the console war? wow

I think you and lots of other people overestimated what Minecraft is capable of. it's just 1 game. while very popular, is not gonna be THE game that will make a platform a winner. it just doesn't have THAT kind of power, in fact I don't think any game has that kind of power.

donthate1207d ago


Way to extrapolate from thin air!

What part of what I said, did I even insinuate Minecraft will decide the console war? Reading comprehension is important, and that is me giving you the benefit of doubt.

I merely suggested that for some that game is important enough for them to be swayed to another console. It has a huge following, is extremely addictive and is a great game.

TheXgamerLive1207d ago

Minecraft will stay on sony consoles, however a minecraft 2 or any spun offs won't see the light of day on a sony platform, my guess anyways.

DanteVFenris6661206d ago

By that time Everquest next will be out, which will destroy any hopes of people like me to play minecraft ever again. Minecraft=big blocks. Everquest=tiny particles(basically atomical destructability). Plus ever quest next is an rpg with better creative mechanics as well as rpg elements

TheXgamerLive1205d ago

I'm not a minecract gamer either, but most people will be digging more minectaft 2 as apposed to everquest next but its all more of the same really and its not my thing.

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fonger081209d ago

lol no, it's just business. It's not like Sony isn't going to make money off of Minecraft, even though it's owned by Microsoft. This would be the equivalent of Microsoft not supporting Blu-rays because Sony gets royalties of Blu-rays. Can you imagine the fallout if Sony were to kick out Minecraft?

Foehammer1209d ago

So Skype should be removed as well then?

gangsta_red1209d ago

This isn't the first time Sony used a MS owned product so no. But I can see Sony making and promoting their own version of Minecraft.

MrSwankSinatra1207d ago

This is nothing new, MS allowed Rare to make games on Nintendo handhelds even after they purchased them.

Legion211207d ago

I believe that was a clause in the actual contract though.

rainslacker1207d ago

I believe their contract said they could finish what was in development, or already contracted, but may be wrong there.

As far as MC, I doubt Sony would kick off any currently released version. Whether or not MS will support it for the long term, or with a sequel, on the PS line is the bigger question.

Given how much MS spent for the IP, it seems they would want to recoup that by keeping it pretty open, and I doubt MS believes that people are going to flock to a console because of MC.

lolosgolos1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

@gangsta_red Just like that? it wouldn't be a Minecraft that's for sure considering the money MS put in

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