Watch Dogs 2 is "a huge opportunity" to push the idea of "systemic contextual narrative"

As the first Watch Dogs story expansion hits the Marketplace, creative director Jonathan Morin and his team are a-buzz with ideas for a sequel. Specifically, the developer would like to do more with the first game's Profiler app, which allowed you to delve into the private lives of NPCs by scanning their digital appliances.

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chrissx1505d ago

Just dont start overhyping watchdogs 2. Suprise us all with a great sequel. Watchdogs was a disappointment

Geekman1505d ago

A fun disappointment, yes, but a disappointment none the less.

starchild1505d ago

Nah, Watch Dogs was almost exactly what I expected it to be. I don't know how people can be so disconnected that they don't even know what to expect from a game when they buy it.

Watch Dogs for me was a good game, not amazing, but enjoyable and a very solid first game in a new IP.

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submarinna1505d ago

@starchild, u mate are in the minority with that opinion

uth111504d ago

That sounds about right.

But maybe all the wailing and teeth gnashing about 'downgrades' lowered my expectations so much that they weren't hard to beat :)

N4g_null1505d ago

How does this marketing crap make the game fun. Maybe ubisoft should write books I mean didn't people hate the main character? How about fixing that rather than added more distraction on top of a mess of a game.

Well it sold 5 million it's time to pr you guys for another round of money milking mediocrity! I just know ubisoft better hurry before the real games start coming. .... when is that supposed to be anyway?

BluFish1504d ago

I went in with no expectations and have been having a lot of fun so far, just started playing it this week. I really don't understand all the hate.

_-EDMIX-_1504d ago

I can't say all that now. The game was literally exactly what they marketed it to be. "Hyping" is their job. They need to market the game and it was a good entire for a new IP.

No doubt Watchdogs 2 will be much better just like AC2 was much more better then AC1.

I think many are merely over reacting over the game. The game did what it was marketed to say you could do. I'm not really sure what many where really expecting from Watchdogs.

Can we even list what was "hyped" about the game that wasn't given upon release?

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pompombrum1505d ago

"systemic contextual narrative"

Whoever in their marketing department came up with that deserves a cookie.

Kingdomcome2471505d ago

That's exactly the little something that my games have been missing,"Systemic contextual narrative."

starchild1505d ago

Actually, what that term refers to IS something I would like to see done better in games. The storytelling should be more a part of the world and there should be less reliance on cutscenes.

BluFish1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

It's fuckin' techno-babble. They're basically saying "Complex stories that make sense."

Yeah, no shit, Ubi.

Nathan1701505d ago

Thank god I didn't fell into the hype of the first game.Let's hope the next one is the ACII of this gen.

porkChop1505d ago

Yeah you said the same thing about the first game, and look what we ended up with.

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The story is too old to be commented.