Final Fantasy XV’s Director Is All Too Aware Of The Ageing Videogame Audience

There’s a significant portion of the videogame audience that is getting older, and Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata knows it.

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mochachino1538d ago

Thank god, hopefully it results in less narratives geared towards the pre-teen/early teen market.

3-4-51538d ago

People who were 10-15 and liked a certain game.....Are now 25-35 years old.

^ THEY are the audience who still likes that IP from that time. They are the ones who will buy it.

THEY aren't 10-15 years old anymore, but THEY are the core audience for that specific IP.

IP's need to do a better job of growing with their Gamers, or at least make it so much fun that nobody can argue.....EX: Smash Brothers....<-- Will never get old.

* The Audience for a lot of Pokemon games isn't 8 & 9 year old kids....IT's 25,35,45 year old adults who grew up with it.

KIDS have their own new IP's that they are into.

* Also, just because a game has a colorful art style doesn't mean it's "for kids".

* I think FF's problem is more than just the audience.

LAST gen we should have had 3 DIFFERENT FF games, with 3 separate casts of characters and 3 separate stories.

EX: FF7,FF8,FF9 all on PS1, all released one year after another.

THEY MADE IT WORK THEN.....they can do it now.

They reason they say games take longer is because they focus on they useless crap nobody wants and they WASTES EVERYBODY's Time.

Tesal1538d ago

I pray, they make the game more mature in sense of a story not the expose of seductiveness =/

'n not to forget about the opened worlds and exploration and secerts

Yokan1538d ago

That seems quite fitting.

gamer78041538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I don't know what the first half of what you said means, looks kinda like a dude bro car road adventure.... Just can't get exited about this ones direction

All guys, automatic fighting, Adnd no character switching

Godmars2901538d ago

Empty PR talk. I'd be flying and customizing airships, battling evil within the kingdom if such were true.

Kumomeme1538d ago

you think things are that simple?
the devs need to carefull about revealing info,as they are trying to tackling market,also...the devs himself not had all such luxerious freedom...they still need greenlight from they uppermanagement to talk stuff like this
lot of devs had talk about this,how they keep the development close to the common dude

beside,do you prefer spoiler?earlier spoiler?the devs aware to not spoil audience ..looks for metal gear,kojima only reveal smal tidbits regarding to the final game

be patient idiot

Godmars2901538d ago

I think Square is that simple by the example of FF13. They pretty much told you everything worth telling that game, whose story was bland, now there's this. Nevermind that we're talking about gameplay.

TekKing1538d ago

So that's his excuse for downgrading the game.

Kumomeme1538d ago

i see a person trying to turn this into excuse

Godmars2901538d ago

I see a person who at the very least wont being buying the game day one. Also seeing someone who's going to base their overall opinion of the game on how it sells.

blackblades1538d ago

I remember ninja gaiden 3 went casual, and you know how that turned out.

Godmars2901538d ago

Now that you mention NG3, I have to think back to the original version where you sometimes met a human solider and had to watch him beg for his life yet kill him regardless.

Have to consider that and all of the SJW BS that's come to light yet has been around for a while. Since any true gamer who would have put that in would have done them a pure stealth option, an option to knock that solider out and/or tie them up, or even let them go.

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