Far Cry 4 To Have Asymmetrical MP, Demanding PC Version

Far Cry 4 will have asymmetrical multiplayer, unlike its predecessors. The PC version will be "high quality" and "demanding".

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kaiserfranz1534d ago

Nice to know about the multiplayer. As far as PC goes, I really hope Ubisoft doesn't screw up gamers again! They have to release optimized games.

user56695101534d ago

they already let everybody know they going to screw up when they said the console versions are going to look like the pc version.

ThunderPulse1534d ago

Ubi is going to pull a "watch dogs" on the PC Elitist.

cj1pate1011534d ago

I like how in the article they say there known for high quality pc ports. Look at any ubi ported console game like splintercell blacklist. The pc version always has mad bugs and problems. Not trusting this hype one bit!

Alexious1534d ago

Actually Splinter Cell: Blacklist is perhaps one of their best ports lately. Performance wise, it's pretty great.

starchild1534d ago

You guys must have broken PCs...I seriously don't understand this overexaggerated hate for Ubisoft. Most of their games run smooth as butter for me.

I get a solid 60fps in Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and all of the Assassin's Creed games up until AC4. Watch Dogs and AC4 needed better optimization on the processor side for sure, but those are the exceptions and I can still run them just fine at a capped 30fps with better graphics than the console versions. Most Ubisoft games I have played over the years have worked perfectly fine on my PCs.

Mr Tretton1534d ago

You guys know Ubisoft isn't one studio? These aren't the same people that made Watch Dogs.

"Far Cry 3 Is The Most Optimized PC Game Of 2012"

starchild1534d ago

Exactly. They were talking about their studio, not every other internal Ubisoft studio.

Far Cry 3 runs at a solid 60fps for me and it looks incredibly good. One of the best looking PC games I played up to that point. It also looks far better than the console versions.

cj1pate1011533d ago

Really are you kidding me.

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boskoz1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Please Ubisoft be a good boy

JamshiJack1534d ago

that sounds interesting, hope Ubisoft makes it better for PC...

Ezz20131534d ago

HAHA! you are hoping for a lag-free ubisoft game on pc ?!

you have more chance walking on the moon than that to happen

starchild1534d ago

Nonsense. I know you are a sony fanboy and just talking out your @ss, but you don't need to be so transparent.

The vast majority of Ubisoft games run perfectly fine on PC. There are only two Ubisoft games that I can't run at a solid 60fps: Watch Dogs and AC4. But I can still easily cap those games at 30fps and enjoy better graphics than I could get in either console version.

As long as Far Cry 4 is optimized similarly to Far Cry 3 it is going to run amazingly well and look fantastic.

Ezz20131533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


i don't know what the hell is wrong with you ?!
and this is the 2nd time you call me that...over a Multiplat game too..i mean WTF?!

but you just admit i'm right
the latest games they made are full of bugs and lag like hell on most pc's and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one saying that
there are tons of reports and articles about ubisoft bad pc ports
you need to get off your high hourse and stop your BS and

WTF being "Sony's Fanboy" -as you call me- has any thing to do with a multiplat game ?!
Ubisoft is a Microsoft exclusive studio or something in your little mind ?!
Not even Nintenndo/Microsfot fans call me that because i never go to their games articles and troll ...i don't do that
are you nuts or something ?!
i even spend most of my time on my pc now more than my ps3
i just finished Watch_Dogs (Which i enjoy lots)
and start playing Shadow of Mordor really have no clue and you are the one talking from his @ss

Imp0ssibl31534d ago

Asymmetrical multiplayer is a lot more enjoyable and definitely a step up to the bland multiplayer in Far Cry 3.

FsterThnFTL1534d ago

8Gb Geforce 980 Ti will eat Far Cry 4 for breakfast.

SteamPowered1534d ago

Are you joking or is that a real thing? That would be the first time Ive heard of it if it exists.

FsterThnFTL1534d ago

We know its coming, but whether it will be called 980 Ti or something else is the real question. The 6Gb requirement for Ultra textures in Shadow of Mordor makes me believe that it will be a 6-8Gb card.

SteamPowered1534d ago

I heard the 980ti will drop in November, but the 970 and 980 only came with 4gb. 6gb cards are rarer than hen's teeth it seems. Gtx 780 was the last affordable 6gb card. Im not ready for a Titan quite yet.

WeAreLegion1534d ago

Any estimates on how much that will run?

FsterThnFTL1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Upwards of $699 is my guess.

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