Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and XV Extended Talk Show live stream

"Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Extended Talk Show” will begin shortly.

The live stream, as its name suggests, is an extended version of the “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Talk Show” from the Tokyo Game Show. And unlike its name suggests, it will cover not only Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Agito, as well."-Gematsu

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New details:
- Holding defend to evade drains MP, doesn't last forever.
- The attack button is used for basic combos, weapons used are context driven based on equipped weapons and context settings the player selects.
- The skill button is used to do special attacks for the main weapon equipped.
- There will be advanced evasion and attack techniques depending on equipment and control input.
- You can use the sword barrier defensively in battle, you can do short warps in the battlefield, you can parry attacks.
- There will be lots of tactical aspects in battle for core games, like elemental weaknesses and so on.
- Noctis is the only playable character, but his unique combat style and how the party interacts with him in battles is what drives the entire battle system.