Crisis Core Released in Europe

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core has finally been released in Europe, after quite a long wait.

Those lucky enough to pre-order will have received their special editions now.

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resistance1003742d ago

Gamestation sent me a copy today, despite the fact i canceled it a month ago, so looks like i got the SE for Free as no money has been taken out my account ^_____________________^

predator3742d ago

still havent received mine yet and it was posted on wednesday, i hate online orders

jkhan3742d ago

Its released now:|
I played and was done with it long ago:P

FAQS3742d ago

A: Finally In Europe!!!

nemey3742d ago

i finishd this game in 94 hours
i got 100% items >)
still last boss minrava was hard like hell
a very nice game to ff fans