EGX 2014: Project Cars Preview (Triad Gamer)

"I should probably start off by announcing I know very little about cars, this preview is from a layman’s perspective and as such probably lacks the insight dedicated petrol heads are looking for. Anyway onto the game, Project Cars is a hard title to pin down; it feels very much like a combination of Codemaster’s Grid series with a large helping of Race Pro thrown in for good measure. Whether such a mix is what race fans truly want remains to be seen. Trying to please everyone can often lead to disappointment all round and that is the danger Project Cars must face down if it is to succeed."

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Rick_Ross_Boss1505d ago

This game is gonna be amazing! can't wait.

SniperControl1505d ago

I have been in the PC beta for over a year, it is a stunning game to play, especially if you have the Oculus as well, that just adds a new level of immersion(just wish they would sort out the laggy headtracking).