Five ways Mortal Kombat Kan ruin your life.

Martin Harrison thinks the Mortal Kombat series are bad ass. His favourite beat em up/fighter franchise ever. Sick characters, memorable moves and of course, residual notoriety. Now it may be past Mortal Kombat's hey-day in terms of causing offence (due to ungracious violence) however Mortal Kombat X is due to be released next year for next generation consoles, so Martin suggests you not hold your breath just yet as he's seen game-play previews and it’s gruesome as hell.

Gamer beware however, there are real life situations that should not be approached with a Mortal Kombat mentality. Here are five such possibilities than Kan ruin your life.

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Fizzler1534d ago

I k what you did there.

KrimsonKody1534d ago

This has to be the most worthless post/blog ever!
Everybody knows that MK is forever in the news about their controversial violence.

XTGN1534d ago

sense of humour bypass detected. ;)