PSN sale from Today

A bundle comprising of Furmins and StarDrone Extreme on PlayStation Vita is now on sale for a limited time only from October 1st 2014 to 12am on October 16th 2014 from the European PlayStation Store having been reduced from the normal price of £7.39/€8.99/$13.45 to the sale price of £3.99/€4.99/$7.55 with a further 20% PlayStation Plus reduction.

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WeAreLegion1202d ago

Is "from" commonly used like that in the UK?

kingdip901202d ago

Yes it is, if you ever watched the mortal combat movie kano uses it talking to Sonya blade about giving her partner a smile with his knife "from ear to ear"

WeAreLegion1202d ago

I'm talking about using it like the title.

"From today" would be said "Starting today" in the US.

SojournUK1202d ago

Yes, we founded the English language and therefore 'tis correct. ;)

dcj05241202d ago

I speak murican. Not the fancy-prancy English

SojournUK1202d ago

@dcj - I read that in a murican accent and it made one chuckle.

Sheikh Yerbouti1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Actually American English has evolved less from the original source than modern UK English, I hear.

But hell, you're English. Who is going to tell and Englishman how to speak English. Freakin' people naturally believe anyone with your accent, even the Aussies. Anglos are on almost every podcast. On HSN selling me watches that they hype like it will be a life-changing event,...and some are fakin the accent!

Wanna make money. All you have to do if you're English is have a microphone and internet access.

kingdip901202d ago

I know what you meant, as a measurement. "From here to there" meaning a measurement of space, "from Monday to Thursday" as a measurement of time.

It applies the same way whatever the context.