PSN Down Worldwide for Unspecified Reason

If you can’t log on to Sony’s PlayStation Network, don’t worry, it’s not your internet or console that’s the problem. It seems PSN is down as of the moment; and there’s no planned maintenance scheduled today in case you’re wondering.

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BigBosss1416d ago

Mine is working perfectly fine and I'm from the land down under

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excaliburps1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

You're one of the lucky ones, I think. People here from AUS can't log in.

No idea where thsee friends of yours are, but I can't log on and so are the rest of the world.

People on GAF are saying the same thing:

MRMagoo1231416d ago

try logging in again , its been up for me in Australia since about 8pm in QLD.

ShinMaster1415d ago

I've been online for a while...


Eddie201011415d ago

This needs to be removed from the top of the page, this was yesterdays news (10/1/2014) and the outage was for a very short time.

Jury1416d ago

I'm also from the land down under and mine is not working... It's prime time too :(

ThunderPulse1415d ago

The dDOS is real for the rest of the world. lol the lizards are at work again.

Hairy Chewie1416d ago

If you were logged in before the issue started, you wont have a problem, but no one can sign in right now.

MRMagoo1231416d ago

my son signed into the ps4 and started playing online about 10 minutes ago here in Australia

BluFish1415d ago

@MrMagoo123 - Why the hell are people downvoting you? You simply stated your son was able to log in. Wtf?

Murad-D121416d ago

Mine is down as well thought its my net and trying to found solutions for 30 min
from: Dubai,United Arab Emirates

nX1416d ago

Trying another website would've saved you 30 minutes.

demonJAKAL1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

If I can't connect to psn I always do connection test 1st as it will tell you if psn connection fails

ovnipc1416d ago

It wqs working for me 30 min ago usa.

tangers1416d ago

love how ppl are disagreeing with the fact that its working for you or disagreeing with the place that you live. *rolls eyes*

Torque_CS_Lewith1416d ago

According to Sony’s own network service status, everything is performing as it should, but that’s very much a bunch of lies.

It’s not scheduled maintenance, and could be more DDoS nonsense from those Lizard Squad script kiddies hacker types. - LazyGamer

strangeaeon1416d ago

So this is all a lie then.

Spotie1415d ago

It's certainly not all true, if these people from all over the world are reporting that they're not having issues.

FITgamer1415d ago

Is it still down? I just got on here in Phoenix it's working.

Psychotica1415d ago

Seems to be working fine in the land up over..

DOMination-1415d ago

PSN is always down. The biggest joke is that when I add a friend they accept but then don't appear on my friends list for like two days. Thats just shoddy

Christopher1415d ago

Has been up for me the last 12 hours. EST person here.

It did go down for me last Friday or so while I was trying to play Destiny.

BG115791415d ago

Same for me. I just went to the European PS Store to check if Pier Solar was out.
Well, it wasn't and PSN seemed OK...

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Hellsvacancy1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Ok for me (UK) i'm signed in anyway

Edit: Ok it's down for me aswel, oh well why I commented on this article I don't know, it'll be back up before you know it

Why o why1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Down for me too


Cryptcuzz1416d ago

Same error I'm getting as well. Down in San Jose, CA, U.S.
Was playing Destiny with my brothers and got kicked out to the PS4 homescreen. Was not able to start the game with an error about not able to verify licenses (bought the game digitally)

PSN store doesn't work. Anything PSN related isn't working (like checking PSN profile on the PS4)

Internet browser works though, but that is probably because that has nothing to do with PSN.

Oddly enough, my brothers were not kicked out and was able to continue playing. I'm think its because my brother has the physical copy I gave him from the Destiny bundle and my other younger brother (has a digital copy) didnt start playing until well after I did, which means the verify license check wasn't effective for him yet.

So when all this happened, I think the periodic check to verify licenses for digital games happened for me and was kicked out, since PSN was down, thus not being able to verify the license.

Mr-Dude1416d ago

Holland and mine is fine

LifeSaver1416d ago

Holland 2 but down 4 me.

falloutx1416d ago

Thanks for posting. I've been trying to log in for the last 30 minutes, Thought it was my internet.