The Walking Dead Season One and Season Two next gen release dates confirmed

Neil writes "If you haven’t yet played through one of both of The Walking Dead seasons on the older generation of consoles, then you must check them out when they drop on the next gen soon. A release date for which has just been announced."

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Immorals1482d ago

Hopefully these aren't too expensive, only played episode one before I left my 360 to a friend!

Cobberwebb1482d ago

Milk that motherf**ker, quick! I might finish the first "game" on my vita one day.

GarrusVakarian1482d ago

I'm curious as to why you wrote "game".

Welshy1482d ago

He's probably suggesting it isn't a "real" game because it's a semi point and click/quick time event game.

Heavy Rain got that criticism too, apparently a game isn't "real" to some people if you're not in first person and shooting people in the face.

Rickgrimes951482d ago

Does anyone know if you bought the whole first season including 400 days on ps3 if there's any sort of discount?

Clown_Syndr0me1482d ago

Played on 360 but Id like to play them again, and make different choices this time around.

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