The 5 Scariest Things in The Evil Within (So Far)

Outside Xbox: "Survival horror archetypes abound in The Evil Within, in which zombie-like enemies shuffle along the corridors of a creepy mansion among deadly spike traps and arcane lock puzzles. But do tropes this familiar still have the power to scare us silly? Yes, is the answer we find at London games expo EGX 2014."

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CustardTrout1509d ago

That bit with the monsters

ps360s1508d ago

it's a good game (played it at EGX) but it didn't had that scare me anyway, but the gameplay is smooth and it was addictive

Agent20091508d ago

Yeah, all the video footage so far suggests the game won't be scary. At all. But it wins when it comes to the visual design and the gameplay concept ;-).

MysticStrummer1508d ago

I don't expect it to be scary, but it still looks like a good game to play around Halloween. I think I'll finally jump into the current generation this month and buy it.