Xbox One - Redefining Success

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Xbox One has consistently been trailing behind the PlayStation 4, but don't take that to mean it's a failure."

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plut0nash1509d ago

It's a good console. Honestly - the only snag is that you need a decent internet connection. If you can get past that then the console will serve every need you have for gaming, unless you're a PS fan of course.

AngelicIceDiamond1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


IMO MS won't (or maybe not for a while) get that giant 360 fanbase back so they need to do what PS3 did last gen, and that's let the content speak for itself.

When Sony was messing up early last gen they worked hard to get the games and content out the door to get that fanbase back.

Sony worked so hard people started to pay attention and now PS3 ended with a huge success.

MS needs to provide loads more 1st party games and content. People gravitate towards content, good content and quantity content.

So far MS's doing a pretty good job with that. Imo MS doing well on its own they just can't slack and MS must, I repeat MUST get their 1st party offerings if they wanna improve and turn more heads.

Tiqila1509d ago

The launch was a disaster but from then on X1 continuously improved. Now it is a really hard decision between PS4 and X1, if you can only afford one new console.

At least I will wait until Halo MCC launches, and Sunset Overdrive. Hopefully MS will reveal some of their Minecraft plans soon, too.

I have too little time to play all the games already out there, not even talking of those to come.

donthate1509d ago

I think MS focus has almost always been 3rd party exclusives, and many of them have remained exclusives. MS likes to bring outside talent into the fold.

But yeah, MS has been relentless in clawing back and they have largely succeeded, going from a monthly sales gap of 120,000 units down to last months 30,000 units in the span of 4 months.

Mind you that the 120k was actually 150% more than the actual units sold around 70k for May. They are reaching sales parity, and who knows moving forward.

MS competitive pace is at breakneck speed!

ABizzel11509d ago


I agree, software and features are a great start, but they need to have games coming out by the dozens to get gamers back on their side. Like I said an apology simply for the confusion of the XBO reveal and launch, and a commitment to do better (which they've already been doing) would be enough to gain a lot of good will back starting 2015.

I think they'll be okay, and they'll get most of that 360 audience eventually, but it's not going to be as quickly as they wanted / expected. THe 360's highest sales year peaked at almost 14m, and on average they sold just under 10m consoles per year (full years only). Looking at the XBO and it's only at 2.5m for it's first full year with 3 months left to go, so I suspect it to end the year with 5 - 6 million sold for 2014 (7 - 8 million total). I don't think the XBO is going to get there until it launches in more countries and most people start looking for a second console which hopefully for MS is 2015.


I think MS really needs to start showing their 2015 line-up, because Sony has shown tons and tons and tons of exclusive games for 2015 that span every genre, and that's where MS seems to be behind Sony (genre diversity and trying something new). Games are the reason to own a PS4 above all else for 2015, and MS need to counter that. MS can't let Sony or Nintendo have any preventable advantages linger on. Nintendo also has an amazing 2015 planned.

PS4: Bloodbourne, The Order, Uncharted 4, Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn, The Tomorrow Children, Wild, Disgaea 5, Deep Down, Let it Die, Persona 5, Ys, Yakuza 0, God Eater 2, Dragon Quest Heroes. 16 exclusives, and even more if you add timed exclusives

Wii U: Devil’s Third, The Legend of Zelda, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mario Maker, Mario Party 10, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Yoshi’s Wolly World, Project Giant Robot, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Project Guard, Star Fox. 12 exclusives.

XBO: Fable Legends, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Scalebound, Crackdown, Gears, Killer Instinct Season 3. 8 exclusives.

HanCilliers1509d ago

Nice to see an article with a proper perspective on the whole PS4 vs. Xbox One fight.

The way MS has been listening to customers and tweaking the XB1 is worth the mention. Compare that to things like the useless PS4 firmware updates.

Good read is good

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PS4isKing_821509d ago

I've never been a huge Xbox guy, but halo has always been a weakness for me. Plus after seeing forza horizon 2, I have to say I'll be purchasing an Xbox one very soon.

It won't be my primary console, but like the wiiu, there are some awesome unique titles I just can't live without. Plus I'll have all three consoles finally and won't have to worry about missing any awesome games.

Now if I could just find $400 in these damned couch cushions.....

HanCilliers1509d ago

I've had some of the best co-op experiences with Halo. If you have the money, it's totally worth purchasing both consoles

Yetter1509d ago

It'll be your primary console in no time :)

donthate1509d ago

You might not plan it for being your main console, but many multi-console owners has said the same and when they got their Xbox One switched over to XB1.

I see this all the time on reddit. People have been blinded by the negative PR, but reality is Xbox One is a great console with great features.

Sie1509d ago

I agree. I purchased both at launch and very rarely use my PS4 but hopefully that will change with the order in February.

GodGinrai1509d ago

I seen it happen. it only takes a day with an XB1. It was my first choice this cycle and has remained so, even with a PS4 sitting right next to it.

I was going to get shadow of mordor and Pcars, But after seeing them both on XB1 (I seen PCars on XB1, in action. Satisfied with what I seen, and they are still polishing it). I know the PS4 versions have slightly better graphics, but I dont mind that trade off, if I get to stay in chat with my friends. and more importantly I can play Pcars with my friends, online. I dont have PSN+, anyway. So I may aswell get it for the console that I play online games on. and after all PCars bread and butter will be its online component.

Gaming247allday1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

PS4 has a power edge, but dont think Xbox One doesn't have its positives, i own both and i find myself constantly using the
Xbox One where as the Wii U and PS4 are secondary/exclusives, cant wait for Halo MCC though!

Copenhagen1509d ago

The fact that your most anticipated title is a collection of rehashed games you already bought once says it all. It's an fine entertainment system just not a good game system truth is hard to hear I know but it is what it is.

Yetter1509d ago

Except Halo MCC also gives you access to the Halo 5 three week Beta. And just because Halo is his most anticipated doesn't discount the fact that SSOD, Ori, FH2, Fable Legends beta and all the great multiplat games are all releasing (or here already) in no time.

Septic1509d ago

"The fact that your most anticipated title is a collection of rehashed games you already bought once says it all."

Not at all. The MCC is the most generous modern day gaming package. Furthermore, the X1 really has the better line up this year in comparison to the PS4. I know it all depends on opinions but really, I find it very hard to argue in favour of the PS4, which really has a lackluster lineup this year.

TMCC is not just 'a collection of rehashed games'. This is a PROPER remaster unlike others I won't care to mention. It gives you 4 games running like they have never run before, 2 of which you can't even play online anymore but now can (and you could never play Halo:CE online in the first place), you have a fully re-done Halo 2 campaign and a beta for Halo 5: Guardians AND the live action series all bundled in one plus 200 maps running on dedicated servers.

"It's an fine entertainment system just not a good game system"

Complete nonsense. If this isn't a good gaming system then what is? This 'entertainment system' is doing a darn sight better than the console for the players, at least in 2014. It's delivering the games.

Gaming247allday1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )


Jesus man if you enjoy your console so much, then don't get all insecure about it over 1 comment ok? lol

GodGinrai1509d ago

"The fact that your most anticipated title is a collection of rehashed games you already bought once says it all."

..And yet Tlou is probably going to be the highest rated PS4 exclusive, this year. Oh the irony.

At least halo MCC has legs. It also happens to be the best example of a HD remake done right. It also happens to be a game that will be played for years by an active player base.It also happens to play better than any FPS released this year, and will probably remain that way until halo 5 is launched.

"It's an fine entertainment system just not a good game system truth is hard to hear I know but it is what it is."

spoken like somebody that has never owned an XB1. News flash: It IS that good. titanfall was fun, FM5 is the best racer I ever played at the launch of a console, inspite of its flaws. FH2 is pretty much perfect, going by the scores and my hours upon hours spent in the demo. Sunset overdrive is clearly shaping up to be a mechanically sound and stylish shooter, that is going to be loved by X1 gamers.Quantum break looks like its going to remedey usual great mix of story and gameplay..Ori, super time force, below..I could go on.

I dont regret a single moment of owning the XB1 while MS ironed out the creases. And the best part is they are far from finished. DX12 implementation and the cloud compute ambitions will be realised before this gen is out as evidenced in the crackdown tech demonstration, drivatars and even at a basic level titanfalls use of enemy bots (which admittedly was just cannon fodder, for getting my titan quicker).

back on topic: What I would like to see is third party multiplayer games running on azure for XB1. The BFs, CODs, and star wars battlefronts for online stability. Could you imagine if BF worked online as flawlessly as halo, on XB1? I want devs to find interesting ways of using this stuff.

shadyiswin1509d ago

the fact the best title released on ps4 all year is the last of us remastered gives you little to no room to talk at all :D. First quarter i looked forward to titanfall(which is till do love) then i looked forward to supertime force, then forza horizon 2 which i got on day one ofcourse,now im looking forward to sunset overdrive (im even selling my black xb1 to rebuy it in white) then ill look forward to halo:mcc.

Let me sum up Copenhagen's year.

he looked forward to thinking titanfall was only exclusive for 6 months,sad when it wasnt. Then he waited for Infamous:SS played it for 2 weeks then waited for the last of us remastered. Now he patiently waits for driveclub despite knowing it will be all micro transactions he has nothing us to look forward to for the rest of the year. He will now wait for the order (which will fail) and then next hoilday for uncharted 4. Thats a lot of waiting bud,get with the now *unpauses forza horizon 2*

strangeaeon1509d ago

It's an fine entertainment system just not a good game system truth is hard to hear I know but it is what it is.

That, my friend, is what we might call an "opinion". Please purchase a dictionary AND a thesaurus, stat.

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jrshankill1509d ago

Why do people here disagree with personal opinion?

All you said was the Xbox One is your primary console and you are looking forward to Halo MCC.

I swear, there are so many closet fanboys here that is has became both pathetic and sad.

GodGinrai1509d ago


I can always tell who they are. They are the first ones to jump on somebodies opinion and attack them for it..then dress it as their opinion..which they then assume to be fact.

strangeaeon1509d ago

I don't think they are in the closet, they let hang right out there on this site.

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