Finally, Someone Is Making A Video Game That Allows You To Date Bears

Everyone totally understands you may not be handling your breakup very well. Have you considered hopping the friendzone fence for a chance on a furry friend? What’s that, you ask? Why, there are some bears out there looking for love and maybe you’re the one. That’s right: there’s a new Kickstarter for a bear dating game. “Bear Senpai: Date the Bear of Your Dreams” is your ticket for an ursine love connection. And what’s more huggable than a lovable bear?

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Godmars2901453d ago

The pigeon one was a total shock to me. So sure, why not a date sim with bears?

Septic1452d ago

What on earth....really? A bear and pigeon dating game? So frickin random.

Speaking of pigeons and random:

Fizzler1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

The wait is almost over!

Saito1452d ago

The world should be destroyed.

Rimgal1452d ago

Alleluia my prayers have been answered!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.