PS Vita System Update 3.30 Improves Browser, Allows PS Vita TV To Use NA Accounts

While Sony's marketing for PS Vita 3.30 focused on themes, additional features such as a big improvement to its browser have also been made. Sony also gears up for PS TV's western launch as the company now allows Vita TV to link up to US accounts.

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Protagonist1534d ago

Those themes are beautiful man!

"You can now check the rarity of trophies."

Does that mean the trophies that are hard to get or what?

isarai1534d ago

It tells you the percentage of people who obtained the trophy that own the game, so say a basic bronze story trophy for BF4 will be "Common" but a platinum of BF4 would be "Very Rare" with a percentage placed beside the trophy

nevin11534d ago

Call me slow, but what does this really mean?

"PS4 Remote Play now supports two players at the same time."

Iceball20001534d ago

I'm guessing playing 2 player in a PS4 game over remote play

isarai1534d ago

i'm guessing 2 vitas hooked via remote play to a single PS4 console. Cause using a vita as a second player was already possible.

DjKiba1534d ago

Wait wait you can play with a controller now?

hkgamer1534d ago

lots of new features added. guess most of them are probably for PSTV.

better browser support is great. hopefully would be similar to android stock browser/chrome

isarai1534d ago

visually it's the same, but it works a lot faster and far better now. even got a couple anime sites streaming no problem on it that before wouldn't even load correctly

ninjahunter1534d ago

Nice, that bumps the vitas browser up to the same speed as the ps4's.