Speedrunners, The Simple and Fun Party Game You Can Play Alone | PowerLeveled

If you’re in love with the competitive spirit and you want to play a game with friends, DoubleDutch Games’ Speedrunners is a great game that is built for parties and built for multiplayer competition.

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Stevefantisy1209d ago

Nice review, this game has been pleasing just about everyone that plays it. Looks like another wishlist game for this poor gamer.

JoeIsMad1209d ago

It's only about 10 bucks, so it's pretty cheap if you're looking to pick it up on Steam.

Jacktrauma1209d ago

Wewt for fun cheap games!

JoeIsMad1209d ago

Have you played it? What did you think?

MrJQ1209d ago

Great review man. You definitely put this game on my radar.

Magnus7011209d ago

Party game you can play alone doesn't seem very party-ish

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