Nvidia chip matches AMD manufacturing process

Nvidia has announced it will release a graphics chip that matches Advanced Micro Device's manufacturing process--an advantage that the latter has often touted.

The Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+, announced Thursday, is made on a 55-nanometer process. Current Nvidia processors--including the just-released GTX 200 series--are made on a slightly "fatter" 65nm process. AMD has moved most of its graphics chips to a 55nm process.

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ravenguard883828d ago

Now, if only they can do the same with their newest graphics chips.

Kakkoii3828d ago

They are. Last I read it was coming out in Early 2009 tho...

But I'd think it would be sooner since they've already got a working G92 die shrink.

SkullBlade3828d ago

Nvidia seems to be going on a desperate release spree...

Kakkoii3828d ago

How is trying to bring new technology out desperate?

55nm for Nvidia has been long overdue. If anything they're being lazy lol.