Starpoint Gemini 2, Now in Full-Version Galactic War

Available right now on Steam in its full version, Starpoint Gemini 2 retouches on the time-tested space RPG with no monthly fees and a more user-friendly system than the competition.

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JoeIsMad1509d ago

It looks like a one-time buy competitor to EVE Online, but that's just me. We'll see after the full review.

Stevefantisy1509d ago

This game looks great I've been on the fence about getting it. Is it really worth picking up?

JoeIsMad1509d ago

There is a review in progress, so we'll let you know soon.

Stevefantisy1509d ago

Awesome I look forward to seeing more. With so many choices its good to do your homework especially gaming on a budget.

aliengmr1509d ago

Its a space "action-sim" with RPG elements. Think Freelancer with an RGP-ish component. Its not overly complex and very easy to get in to.

By far the developers were the best during early access. You post a suggest and 9 times out of 10 they responded.

This is a true Early access success.

JoeIsMad1509d ago

That's great news. I really hope that support continues in the coming months so that this game can be better than its competition.