Tatsunoko VS Capcom: 2 New Characters' Info & Pics

2 new characters revealed for the Capcom arcade fighting game Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

On the Tatsunoko side we have Tekkaman from "Tekkaman: The Space Knight ('75)" -
Tekkaman is equipped with Tek-Lancer that he can throw as projectile, and Tek-Win (Whip) which he can grab and pull in his opponent from far away.
For Tekkaman's Hyper-Combo, he shoots out a laser beam from his forehead (Vol-Tekka); he also has special moves where he reflects his Vol-Tekka attack off the Tek-Lancer to send it into different directions.

On the Capcom side is Batsu Ichimonji from Rival Schools/Justice High Schools/Project Justice Series.
He has his elbo attack, air fire-ball, and wheel kick from the Rival Schools games. For his Hyper-Combo he has the same team super "Love and Friendship" from the Rival School series.

Right now Tatsunoko VS Capcom is only slated for an Arcade release in Japan.

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The game is slated for a winter 2008 arcade release in Japan.

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nice_cuppa3831d ago

i didnt know about this !

looks cool !

Skerj3830d ago

HOLY F*$king Sh*t!! Tekkaman AND Batsu!? With this one gesture I've forgiven Capcom for everything they've done to piss me off, yes even Street Fighter 4. Make me proud and bring it to PS3 with online play, best fighting game ever will be confirmed then.

Enigma_20993830d ago

... and ME WANT 8 MAN IN IT, D*MMIT!!!!

BigKev453830d ago

I hope this game comes to consoles in the U.S. of A.

KidMakeshift3830d ago

Looking good

If it's coming to the japanese arcade this winter then it won't be available for console for another 6 months to a year.

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