Top 5 Things PS4 Needs

Black Oni here to breakdown a list of top 5 things the PS4 needs to improve upon the already excellent console.

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PeaSFor1509d ago

What i want:

1- Suspend/Resume function
2- BC with PS1/PS2 games(digital AND disc)
3- Folders and themes
4- DLNA media server
5- buy custom hdd covers at the store.

WitWolfy1509d ago

One can dream.... Rumors have it for BC PSNOW is the answer, even though PSNOW is not coming to my country thanks to our crappy internet infrastructure.

DualWielding1509d ago

Disc BC compatibility is never gonna happen, but I'm still hoping they'll implement local emulation of the same kind they have on Vita and PS3

other than that the most important features I want on the PS4 are

External HD support
Media Features

Death1509d ago

PSNow will play PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games in the future. Focus currently is on PS3 titles. This will not be a B/C solution, it will remain a paid service according to Sony.

medman1508d ago

No custom backgrounds???

PeaSFor1508d ago

thats pretty mych what i wanted to say by theme and new fonts could be cool too

CloudRap1509d ago

Update 2.0? wasnt it supposed to be late semptember?

PeaSFor1508d ago

rumors...don't take it for granted.

RedstonerMC1508d ago

Late fall is what was said i believe. Soooooon :3