What did Alien director Ridley Scott actually do for Halo: Nightfall?

Scott's name sounds good in a press release and will no doubt be plastered on the back of the Halo: Master Chief Collection box (a purchase of which will unlock the five-episode feature). But what did he actually do?

The Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator director is credited as an executive producer - a role that is often nebulous at best. So, during a session showing off the Master Chief Collection at Tokyo Games Show, we asked Microsoft what it had gained from Scott's involvement fee.

"He's there when we're building the story, he's there when we're breaking the script, he's there when we're picking locations, he helps with casting," Halo franchise boss Frank O'Connor told Eurogamer. "I don't want to get into this but he has strong opinions about things - most directors do.

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aviator1891506d ago

I feel that nightfall will signify what a proper Halo movie should represent on-screen. I really love how 343i manages to make these films further flesh out characters that will appear in their games. It definitely worked wonders for Halo 4's Lasky.

-Foxtrot1505d ago

Lasky? I didn't think it worked at all, I honestly didn't give a shit about Lasky or hell, anyone else on board the Infinity.

I just feel like with all this they based Halo 5 around the series idea first.

"Oh I have this idea for a Halo TV Series"

"Hey that's pretty good why don't we write Halo 5 around the series where it will act as some sort of prequel"

I would of rather see them come up with the sequel first then do a TV series after. Now it feels like we got Agent Locke because of the TV series.

qwerty6761505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

i somewhat agree with you. didn't care about lasky at all.

and i thought forward unto dawn sucked

but i dont think halo 4s story was based around it at all. Lasky took a back seat for the most part.

Nightfall has a bigger budget and better production values so hopefully it turns out better. But you might be right about this one, are we going to care about agent locke if we dont watch nightfall?

XBLSkull1505d ago

Halo would have easily been the best video game to film ever made, and it's a shame it fell apart over studios whining over money, everyone would have made a fortune. Halo 1 at least borrowed a lot from the Alien films, Ridley Scott is a perfect fit for anything Halo live action related.

Septic1505d ago

Ye agreed about Lasky and the crew. Even in Reach, I didnt give a damn about those spartans really.

Funnily enough I predicted that a character like Agent Locke would be introduced for Halo 5 owing to the lack of any real engaging characters in the Haloverse aside from the ones in the books by Greg Bear. I even clocked who he was when the Guardians image was shown. (Give me a high five Foxtrot. I know how much you love it when I recognise I'm right).

Let's see how this turns out. I'm cautiously optimistic. I hope they nail the dark side of ONI though.

mcarsehat1505d ago

xecutive Producer so, at the most, talk someone into helping, had a meal with the other producers and said "Yeah, i'll put my name on it"

Executive Producers aren't as important as they seem.

Allsystemgamer1505d ago

They move money. They acquire assets. They sign contracts. They may be pencil pushers essentially but high budget films struggle without them.

However. Here M$ most likely just paid him a lot of money to get it done.

OpieWinston1505d ago

I don't think you understand OR read the interview.

MOST Executive Producers just manage money around, because that's there job but Scott Free Television is a small company with everyone on deck.

But quite a few Executive Producers do MOST if not all the work in TV shows, people like Kurt Sutter for The Shield/Sons of Anarchy.

He's saying he's there for a lot of things, and you could tell he made a lot of the decision process just from watching the video. Did you even watch the First look Nightfall trailer? LOOK AT THAT SET PIECE!

Do you even know who Ridley Scott is? Kids today...

ironfist921505d ago

I find it hilarious when big name directors are attached to films or games with titles like "producer" or "executive producer"

9 times out of 10, they barely do anything. Its only tagged their to gain fan interest from the uninformed masses.

poppinslops1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Gladiator was basically written as they filmed it...
They had the opening 'Unleash Hell' scene and just wrote the rest on the fly...
And Russel Crowe helped!
The guy writes THE WORST music, but contributes to fµ€king Gladiator!!!

That's proof that Sir Ridley's mere presence brings out the best in those he works with...