PC Alone in the Dark uses SecuROM online protection

VG247: Atari's just confirmed that the PC version of Alone in the Dark uses the unpopular SecuROM online protection system.

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Kakkoii3834d ago

And then within a week, a modified version of the game will be found on torrent sites that has the security measure removed by crackers.

So pointless. It only hurts their sales and wastes money on paying for the security.

Tomdc3833d ago

I miss my bald headed hero! Y did he go Atari?!

Alexander Roy3834d ago

So it's not only an apparently bad game, but also gives customers hell? Way to go Atari, nice one.

fermcr3834d ago

Same protection as mass effect... 3 install's ??? WELL, no thanks. You can keep the game.

mariusmal3833d ago

i understand that they want to protect the games. but think about the gamers, im not gonnaa give money to buy a game that i'll never fully own

yesterday the devs of bioshock announced that they removed this protection from their game and never gonna use it again. now another company is trying to enforce it.