IGN: MGS4's Raiden Speaks

IGN reports: "You might not know him by face, but you definitely know his voice. Having worked as a professional voice actor for more than a decade and with a successful screen and musical career on his resume, the venerable Quinton Flynn sat down with IGN Australia to discuss the ins and outs of the trade. Specifically, Flynn digs deep and discusses his work on the widely acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 4 as Raiden, plus his response to the fan reaction to Metal Gear Solid 2. For fans of either animation or gaming, make sure you come along to Supanova in Sydney this weekend and shake his hand; tell 'em IGN sent you!"

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wolfehound223826d ago

Raiden was awesome in MGS4 he kicked some major @ss.

yanikins1113826d ago


I loved the scene near the end when he walks down the hall way with no arms and the sword in his mouth, electrocuting the elites. Or when he stops Outer haven from crushing snake(although im sure we all realised the impossible physics behind that). Is there anyway to watch the movies again?