Naughty Dog Lead Designers Give Pointers on How to Land a Job in the Gaming Industry

Want to find a job as a game developer? It’s no easy task, but Naughty Dog is here to help. To be precise, three lead designers at Sony’s acclaimed the studio (Kurt Margenau, Anthony Newman and Ricky Cambier) went on a spree today providing useful pointers for those that are seeking a gig making games at Naughty Dog or elsewhere.

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Paprika1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Uh, my friend kind of just learned at home... was creative, finished uni.... got a job. Lol! Its really not a massively difficult industry to get into. You either have talent, and through time learn your trade. Or you simply can't create!

No jobs open to get into? Create something independent. Eventually you will get a job if you're committed and talented. Game design courses at uni, literally get you into work!

dasbeer881507d ago

From what I've heard, there are more than twelve different interviews when it comes to earning a job as a game developer. Screw up one and say goodbye to that opportunity.

WeAreLegion1507d ago

It depends where you're trying to get a job. Some have one or two interviews. Some have an unnecessarily lengthy process.