EA: 'PS3 was not a consideration' for C&C 3

Command and Conquer PlayStation fans (must be some out there) will be disappointed to know that there was never any possibility of the latest game in the franchise ending up on PS3.

Speaking to CVG, C&C producer Jim Vessella said that the "PS3 was not in consideration".

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crimsonfox3466d ago

with EA behind it.
it's sure to suck for PS3 anyways so eh...
don't really care, i personally don't even like those kinds of games.

spacetoilet3466d ago

Not my cup of tea though.

BulletToothtony3466d ago

And according to them last year the ps3 gave them more money than the 360 or wii.. i don't know how but they said it.

what i do hope is that they don't keep doing what they did for a while with the crappy ports because sadly a lot of people don't buy games like back in the 90's now we know about glitches and frame rates so unless EA get some better product for the ps3 i can care less if they don't even make the game for the ps3.

Bombomb3466d ago

-Plenty buy the PS3 as a Video Player only
-This game is gear towards western audience count japan out.

sony's install base is skewed.

with the 360 its all about gaming.

BulletToothtony3465d ago

I do realize that in your fanboy world the ps3 is doing terrible and it sucks and it's only a bluray player and blah blah blah,

But come on man.. give it up already, the ps3 is not going anywhere, besides up, everyone knows that the ps3 will surpass the 360 next year, even fanboys have accepted this.. no need to keep bashing it.

tatotiburon3465d ago

[email protected]

he didn't say that the PS3 its doing bad, he said that the install base it's not all about gaming like the XBOX 360 install base, beside MGS4 wich PS3 game manage to be in #1 in sells??, xbox 360 had a few as the wii i don¿t want to talk about the attach rate. Xbox 360 users buy more games than any other console users.

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Frost-Wraith3466d ago

Big deal! Get it on pc! EA's game in ps3 suck bigtimes anywayz bcoz of the crappy ports they make...go nd lick M$
arse ea!

Adriokor3465d ago

Out of luck I guess :(

Actually RTS would make a lot of sense for ps3 since they can make it mandatory to use Keyboard and Mouse. I would love a good RTS for the PS.

Bolts3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

It would take five years for a 360 owner to micro half of his army special abilities too. Good luck playing this game with a controler, its gonna be an epic nightmare.

beavis4play3466d ago

how long has resistance 2 and ps3 bioshock been in development. ha!

dude_uk3465d ago

R2 = not even a year
Bioshock = nobody knows

agentace3466d ago

these types of games should be PC only anyway, there just not the same playing them on a console

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The story is too old to be commented.