Elite: Dangerous Chronicles 3: Piracy Gone Wrong | Technology Tell

Technology Tell:

"Like any good space-explorer, the first thing I did was try out my hyper drive. After all, what good is a space ship without being able to pick out a star, set a course, say something out loud to yourself about warp drive, and hoping nobody hears your terrible Patrick Stewart impression when you say “Engage”? A few seconds later, I found myself face-to-face with a star. Instead of trying to avoid it, I stared and admired how beautiful it looked. Suddenly, my cockpit was awash in flashing red lights, my HUD filled with warnings, and I tried far too late to pull up. “Certainly, I’m nowhere near close enough to hit the thing, am I?” I thought to myself just as the screen flashed. My Sidewinder was randomly flung out into space as all sorts of warnings about overheating completed the sensory overload."

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