Edge Preview: Silent Hill: Homecoming

Edge writes: "The next installment in the classic psycho-horror series is definitely horrific but not always in the way fans might hope.

The transition as a new developer takes over a successful and beloved franchise is nerve-wracking. The build-up is fraught with worry – does the new team really understand the game? Will it change it too much – or not enough? That The Collective loves and reveres Silent Hill is in no doubt – it used its own time and money creating a demo to seal the deal with Konami. But love isn't always enough.

The reprise of series-familiar elements is frequent: grey streets wreathed in fog, a troubled wanderer drawn by an inescapable sense of dread, and lead pipes swung with the elegance of a Sunday golfer. What's worrying, however, are the rough edges – especially for a game reliant on the subtleties of both its atmosphere and often ambiguous characters. In fact, there's a retro feel to the bland textures and inertly inorganic environments, which are by far the strongest features this PS3 and 360 title shares with the PS2 originals."

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