The 10 Big Surprise E3 Announcements

From gameplayer... "Ahh, the Electronic Entertainment Exposition. As the annual event held in the middle of the year in the US, E3 brings the gaming industry together under one roof for one great big shindig.

And notwithstanding the recent down-sizing of the show (E3 '07 was the first to adopt a new back-to-basics model, kicking out all the hangers-on and making it more of a press do), E3 is still the biggest gaming event of the year and a time when the most exciting announcements are made.

And E3 '08 will be no exception. Join us as we don on our beaded scarves and peer into our crystal balls and predict the ten surprise announcements to occur at this year's E3."

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Hydrolex3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4 for Xbox 360…Dated!

Nice try though !

There are only """2 WAYS""" for an Xbox 360 fan to play MGS4.

1- Buy a PStripple
2- Think about it every hour so you can dream it at night. Wetdream

SickNick853833d ago

And Gears of war 2 announced for October release for PS3...don't trust 1 word of this article...1 timed exclusive is at least for 6 months/1 year (see bioshock)...but no evidence that MGS4 coming in future to another's exclusive...if you want it buy a ps3...

juuken3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

...o_o MGS4 for the 360?!
They must be crazy.

fishd3833d ago

Team ICO project

other games can go and f*k themselves!!!

Coffin873833d ago

lol it's getting absolutely RIDICULOUS.

360 fanboys crying over mgs4. kojima himself said it uncountable times, konami said it uncountable times, sony said it even more often.

IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! but it's nice to see them cry although they have halo. sony fanboys never wanted to have halo. that's pretty ironic isn't it?

KingME3833d ago

It cracks me up how you feel that you can speak for all PS3 owners and then call it ironic as if your thoughts are law. I'm sure there are plenty of PS3 fans that wouldn't mind halo 3 coming to the PS3.

Reduce your hate and learn to appreciate!

Also, how does some dude's 10 top predictions for E3 equate to 360 owners crying for MSG4?

Bubble Buddy3833d ago

wet dream haha. I want God of War 3 badly. Killing all the other Gods will be a satisfying experience.

n to the b3833d ago

remember assassin's creed the PS3 exclusive? stop insisting it won't come to 360 when in fact, no one here knows.

also, juuken: u suck. I take back any kind words I might have accidentally said to you.

Primetimebt3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

In the Words of Octocon

"Snake you need to change the disk. Do you see it?"
"It's label Disk 1. Replace it with Disk 2. Wait I forget our system is power by Playstation 3 with Dual layer Blu Ray disk technology. No need to ever have to swap disks again. The things they come up with it."

m91058263833d ago

How about on the loading screens when it says "This game is meant to be played EXCLUSIVELY on the Playstation 3 system".

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pwnmaster30003833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

yeah um mgs4 sold 1.4 million in day one,

and now it been wat 1 week already.

wtf is this

why wont they put gears 2 multi, they dont fukin bug them about it.

or fable 2 or banjoo or ninja gaidan 2

come on it well sell even more, come on devs,

i fukin tired of these kind of people.

i bet u this guy who wrote this article is a fukin xbot or he doesnt even own a ps3.

Big Jim3833d ago

I think they'll announce Mass Effect for the PS3.

TheExecutive3833d ago

That sir is very possible

Silogon3833d ago

It won't load up for me but I can tell you right now Mgs4 will not show up on xbox 360 in its current form. Mgs online, yes. It's already being made. Bet me on it, if you'd like.

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