More poor Alone in the Dark scores from Scandinavia

Alone in the Dark doesn't seem to be very popular among our Nordic brothers, as it now appears the Gamereactor Norway review wasn't just an ugly stain on an otherwise brilliant cloth.

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pwnsause3833d ago

so I guess all those complaints from Atari, was just basically Damage Control, ROFL

Kleptic3833d ago

this game has looked like dump since it was was even more depressing to hear Phil hyping it...

You can nearly guarantee that a game that is released on all platforms under the sun is in trouble...


i am actually tempted to buy the game just to see if it really is that bad.

Syronicus3833d ago

Too bad I guess. They should have topped it off and had Christian Slater and Tara Reid do the voices. Then they would have at least had "known" bad acting...

dkgshiz3833d ago

I don't want this garbage on the ps3. Leave it on the RROD box. It belongs their :) I hope they just stop this awful game.

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