Become a Zombie in This Dying Light Trailer

Techland and Warner Bros. have rleeased yet another trailer for Dying Light, but this one delves further into being a zombie. Which is still only a pre-order bonus.

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Snakester951535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Aaaand nobody corrected me on my released typo =P Sorry about that, not going to put in an update above it to say that I did that.

Cherchez La Ghost1535d ago

Did they just taken notes from Left 4 Dead games?

Ashunderfire861535d ago

No they take note from Demon and Dark Souls. The invasion multiplayer and 5V1 is the new thing this generation. It all will start with Dying Light then Bloodborne, follow by Evolve, and many more to come like Fable Legends.

Snakester951534d ago

As Ashunderfire86 mentioned, it looks like they're going to have more of a Demon/Dark Souls thing going where players can invade another player's world at any time. However it's hard to say how it'll work that way since the whole becoming a zombie is only a pre-order bonus. Plus, you'd imagine there's gotta be a way for people to say they don't want players in their world. There's only the one zombie type players can be, a "Hunter" and from the trailer it seems like you'll have a skill tree of some sort.

Eonjay1535d ago

Thats like a super zombie...

Ashunderfire861535d ago

Can't wait to invade my friends hell yeah! This is the first person shooter I always wanted to play. Parkour fun! I like the feeling of running from something big chasing you while doing parkour. Very intense!