The Worst RPG Tropes in History

Stephen from Leviathyn takes a look at the annoying side of gaming with some of the most annoying RPG tropes in existence.

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kalkano1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I agree with all of these. The filler quests came from WRPGs. JRPGs (for some reason) copied them, even though filler quests suck...

I also like my games in the 40-60 hour range; but artifical length is a no-no.

clide881418d ago

Yep. Japanese developers saw how successful Western RPGs were and wanted to capitalize on that success. I also think MMOs had an impact, especially on the Final Fantasy series. Xenoblade Chronicles also has a notably MMO feel, but it was the western-style filler quests that ruined that game for me.