The Crew Gets A 45 Demonstration Showing Off Free Roam, Customization, Coop Raids, and More

Check out this 45 minute demonstration of The Crew from Ubisoft's event at EGX 2014.

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audiophile1011539d ago

I played the beta for this on pc and went through all these missions and side missions.

I gotta say the way they recreated the major cities really impressed me. Like chicago had that density feel like Watch Dogs. Then once you hit the country that is where the game shines.

I actually look forward to geting this

Only thing i dont like is the constant amount of cinematics. There were times i wanted to take control but i couldnt because the way they designed it

Forn1539d ago

I'm sorry but those physics look awful... Other than that there isn't too much to say. I won't shun it just yet, but I don't have very high hopes either unfortunately...

OUROSMAG1539d ago

The game is boring in my opinion. I was excited for it but after playing it.. that is no longer the case.

carreirabr1539d ago

Well, it's a Ubisoft game, boreness and milking is always expected.

cfc781539d ago

Something id buy when racers are in the dry season not a day 1 buy for me.(only 2 days left now till FH2 cant wait)


I just found it funny, that the guy demoing the thing couldn't identify the Ford Raptor (or at the very least recognize it as an F150) he was controlling, isn't it like the best selling vehicle of all time or something like that?