Far Cry 4 Designer Promises Outpost Improvements

Far Cry 4 senior level designer reveals new insights into outpost takeover tweaks implemented since Far Cry 3.

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Kevlar0091506d ago

Outposts were fun the beginning when you had limited weapons and needed to sneak for most of your kills. Eventually you just get a silenced sniper and the special sniper and shoot from far away. If they don't physically see you they won't call for help.

tanukisuit1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Farcry 3 was GOTY material to me, and it is certainly one of my favourite games of last gen.

Having said that, I agree with what you said. When you captured radio towers, it made it too easy, with the unlocking of weapons and it also made money [completely] useless.

I actually made it through my first run using only stealth for the outposts (which made it more thrilling!). Had to use the special guns on the hunting bounties though, lol.

Dasteru1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Beat the game twice and every time i tried sniping, even with the silence rifle and from like a mile away, they would always psychically know exactly where i was and come running. They wouldn't call for reinforcements until they actually saw me but as soon as one of them dropped dead from the sniper shot, all the others would start running directly towards me.

joab7771506d ago

My problem w/ Far Cry 3, and maybe it was just me at the time, was the repetition. Free this tower and this outpost, then this area, a little story, rinse and repeat. Infamous Second Son suffered from that too.

I love that next gen looks great but I want variety and more believable situations, not repetition.

Baccra171504d ago

I played it my way and did towers and so forth when I wanted to, so I didn't get that repetitive feeling.