PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup October 2014

PlayStation®Plus membership includes free games and online multiplayer on PS4™ systems.* In October, PS Plus membership includes a bonus game: DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition. Along with Dust: An Elysian Tail, Spelunky, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, Pix The Cat, and Rainbow Moon

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Eonjay1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Best month for PS4 so far. Plus Arkam Asylum for PS3. Awesome month all around. Rainbow Moon too! Incredible lineup. Dust also looks amazing.

Also: These games are available on 10/7. So you get to play Driveclub free version the same day it hits store shelves.

xHeavYx1506d ago

Aww Yeah! Can't wait for DriveClub.

Abash1506d ago

So happy I get Dust PS4 for free, I was going to buy that day one. Pix the Cat also looks really cool, it reminded me of Chuchu Rocket for some reason when I first saw it haha

bouzebbal1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Drive Club! enough said..
i always wanted to try Rainbow Moon, made by the talented team behind Söldner-X games.
Never heard of Dust before but looks amazing!
Good month..

SpringHeeledJack1506d ago

Yep we can't argue with free either. Good guys Sony.

travisbitter1506d ago

Exactly as you said Heavy and Eonjay... When DriveClub is finally out, I head to the store to buy a PS4... Will fit nicely in my collection... (PS1,2,3, PSP, PSV, N3DS)

indyman77771506d ago

Wait what I get rainbow moon free! And wait a minute, this is Plus BUT a free game that has NOT yet come out? ANDDDDDD it is a AAA+++++ game? Lets see some other online service offer a game that is less than a year old never the less NEWER THAN NEW!

UltraNova1505d ago

That's what I call hitting a home run! Keep rolling those free AAA games!! Well done Sony!

donthate1505d ago


Sony gave you DriveClub, because they made PS+ a requirement for playing online gaming.

Did you all forget about that?

SilentNegotiator1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Pretty spectacular Ps4 offering this month. I mean, FOUR games?

I haven't played Spelunky or Dust yet and I can't wait to try out Driveclub, so this is a great month for me.

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Irishguy951506d ago


First good month for Ps4 owners, below average month for the rest. Although its an improvement over the last 6-9 months so eh.

Kivespussi1506d ago

Yeah, that D&D game looks shit and Asylum, while a good game, is old and could've been bought for less than 5€ if you've been awake during PSN sales.

And for vita, I have no idea since I've not heard of the games before

nX1506d ago Show
feedthereaper1506d ago

@Bloodborn - I just scrolled through about 30-40 comments and not one single person in those 30-40 comments mentions the Xbox One at all..... except you.... who moans about Xbox One fans commenting and trolling!

Can you not feel the irony!

Omegasyde1506d ago

hey irish....Perhaps you should turn your legendary engrams into Sony and they will give you something for it?

travisbitter1506d ago

God please no... aren't you banned already??? :(

yellowgerbil1505d ago

what are you talking about this is the best month in a long time if not ever. almost every game is crossbuy, so you get spelunky, batman, d&d AND ranbow moon for the ps3
4 games! all of which look at least interesting enough to try and spelunky is one I've always meant to play but never got around to getting it.
Then ps4 is a homerun with Driveclub, dust and that cat puzzler

donthate1505d ago

Any month is a good month really, for essentially free games. Remember when you didn't get anything?

Collectively the value is a lot higher, but true value is how much you enjoy these games so you do have a point.

Septic1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Lol I love how it takes one guy on bubble to write 2 sentences and everything gets derailed.

Stop feeding them!

frezhblunts1505d ago

Irishguy is so right, lol fanyboys must hate your comment why do you have so many disagrees

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theshredded1506d ago

4 PS4 games nuff said,a gr8 month indeed

Scrivlar1506d ago

What's the free version of Driveclub like? Am I better off just buying the disc?

Eonjay1506d ago

10 Cars, 11 tracks and access to every mode. Full version just has more of everything. Might as well try the free version and see if you like it. Then get the disc.

Death1506d ago

Download the "free" version of the game. If you like it and want the full version it is $60 and will have a limited amount of free DLC along with paid DLC for the next year. If racing is your thing, the season pass for another $30 is the way to go. You can upgrade your "free" version to the PS Plus edition as a digital download for $50, but I would recommend paying the extra $10 to own the game. The upgrade is locked to your PS+ account and you lose the game and any DLC if you don't renew your subscription.

As far as comparisons, the "free" version has 10 cars, 11 tracks and 1 location. The full version ships with 50 cars, 55 tracks and 5 locations and will also get free monthly content and access to much more in paid DLC. You can't access the free DLC or paid DLC with the free version. The PS+ version is essentially a demo that includes 20% of the retail game at launch and much less over the year.

Mr Logic1506d ago

@ Death

Actually you do not lose Driveclub even if you do not renew your PS+. You own it just like if you purchased off the PS Store.

Mr Logic1506d ago

@ Disagrees

I will never understand this site and how people disagree with fact and not just opinion.

From the PS Blog. "Now, If you intend on downloading DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your PlayStation Plus subscription runs out."

memots1506d ago

you can do everything with the ps+ version , even platinum it if you want.
Already pre-ordered the full version via the 20$ rebate for ps+ owners, I used that 20$ to buy the season pass. Good deal overall.

Neonridr1505d ago

I thought you only got access to one area though in terms of tracks.. can't see how you can platinum a game if you can't access all the different tracks..

SilentNegotiator1505d ago


Thanks, but Eonjay already described it perfectly, sans salty FUD.

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imt5581506d ago

Dust: An Elysian Tail is a great game.

Snookies121506d ago

Yep, it's the only game I've ever gotten 100% achievements for on Steam... Which is saying something, considering most of my gaming library is now on Steam.

Scrivlar1506d ago

Aw nice one! I'll definitely give it a try first, Cheers dude.

callahan091506d ago

Wow, I didn't realize Dust was even coming to Playstation. That's cool. I will try it soon!

lelo2play1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Another crap month for PS4 PS+. Two indie games that I've played ages ago on the PC and a limited version of a game (Driveclub) that was supposed to be offered the entire game for free with PS+, as announced on the PS4 presentation. For me PS+ has less and less value each month that passes. Absolutely no intention of renewing my PS+ when it ends.

If Microsoft had done the stunt that Sony did with Driveclub, all hell would of broken loose...

Highlife1506d ago

They can't give AAA games away yet on ps4 it would be to soon. If they were to give infamous second son for free now that would tell gamers just wait a few months and you will get the game for free. So when the next big ps game releases gamers may say to themselves just wait and the game will be free. They would be bad for business. Just wouldn't work. I would think after a year of the PlayStation 4 life that we might see big games.

kurruptor1506d ago

They never said you would get the full version of DC for free.

GamingSinceThe80s1506d ago

I'm very happy with my Plus sub but your right they did say DC would be free,to get people onboard with paying to play online.But the PS4 has been such a wild success that now they can do whatever they want.If this race was closer or they were losing we would still be getting the whole game free.And your right Sony is getting away with things MS would be raked over hot coals for.In the end none of these company's care about us just our money,but most people just refuse to be leave that.I have been buying all the big 3's consoles for years now to stay out the fight and just enjoy all the great games they all offer us.

DigitalRaptor1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Just goes to show how opinionated a "crap" lineup is.

Pretty much all of these are high rated, and relatively new to their respective platforms. Just because you've played them on PC doesn't mean everyone has. Heck, even I have already bought about 3 of the games that are free in October and I can appreciate that it's a great lineup.

Disappointed that I already own them, but that was my choice to buy them at the time, just like it was your choice to play those indies on PC at the time.

@ GamingSinceThe80s

"but your right they did say DC would be free"
"If this race was closer or they were losing we would still be getting the whole game free."

You mad people. At no point did Sony say they would be offering DriveClub (a game of $60 worth) for free.

"DriveClub: PS+ Edition".
Not "DriveClub: The full game".

HiddenMission1505d ago


actually since day one it's been known that PS+ members would get a lite version of Driveclub...but it's free with 10 cars and I several tracks I believe...oh and yeah it's a sexy graphics beast.

Sounds like you don't even own a PS4.

Oh and MS did ever heard of a game called Killer Instinct it was free with limited characters that they charged you extra for more characters.

After re-reading your comment you've got to be trolling here or you're just completely ignorant of anything that's happened the last year in gaming...but I'm leaning towards being a troll.

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frezhblunts1505d ago

Well atleast ps4 has driveclub, I was getting sick of all these cheap side scrollers. Can't wait to get more free ones like drive club

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Majin-vegeta1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Oh hell yea :D.

Dust looks good.

equal_youth1506d ago

Dust looks damn awesome! :D

Patrick_pk441506d ago

The combat looks damn fun and awesome.

DragonbornZ1506d ago

Got it on GwG a while back. It's really good. Beautiful game with fluid combat and an enjoyable story.

Kivespussi1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Pretty good actually, haven't been this good in a long tine

WeAreLegion1506d ago

Hm... Well, I'm very excited for Driveclub.

NovusTerminus1506d ago

I have Dust on Steam, ithe is an awesome game!

Eonjay1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I love the combat system in this game. And the art style. I didn't even know it was coming to PS4. Being free with Plus makes it that much sweeter.