Are downloads destroying the boxed game market?

While there is still a market for physical PC games, retail margins can be extremely tight, and digital download platforms like Steam are continuing to grow. So how can today’s PC retailer make money from selling digital games, and will the physical boxes disappear in time? Dominic Sacco investigates and offers his opinion…

Around 92 per cent of PC game revenues come from digital sales globally, according to analyst DFC Intelligence.

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avengers19781539d ago

For PC they truly are. I'm guessing in the next couple of years boxed PC game disc will be completely gone.

Massacred1539d ago

People have been saying this since the early 2000's, I don't see them going anyway anytime soon, mostly because of things like Christmas, Birthdays, collectors, and many people not being able to consistently rely on internet.

More likely they will go the way of DVD's where they have not disappeared, because there is still a large market, but not being nearly as big as before.

Myself, I still prefer physical games. You actually have more rights, I like to lend/swap with friends and I find this very appealing to look at.