Datamined: “Shadow of Revan” is the name of the new SWToR expansion

"Obviously with the recently announced delay of the expansion, fans will now be even more demanding for additional details relating to Shadow of Revan."

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porkChop1537d ago

But Disney made all the old stuff non-canon, and SWTOR IS canon. How can they connect SWTOR to the previous KOTOR games without breaking canon? This doesn't make sense to me.

Kran1537d ago

Actually Disney hasn't made SWTOR officially canon yet, there's merely been talk about it becoming canon, and when SWTOR does, KOTOR does as well.

r1sh121537d ago

Agree PorkChop..

I just dont understand why they wont make KOTOR 3. IT will sell amazingly.
SWTOR lost a lot of money.

Aloren1537d ago

Swtor may not have made as much as they initially hoped, but it still makes a lot of money, and probably a lot more than kotor ever could. It just cost a lot more to develop. And it is basically kotor 3...

r1sh121537d ago

It made mass losses, then 90% of the players left.
They had to make it F2P and make people play to advance after a certain level.

Also Its not Bascially Kotor 3.
Check the kotor 3 story line that was written, nothing like the garbage SWTOR is.

Aloren1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

When was the last time you played (if you even played at all) ? August 2012 ? It made 140 millions in 2013 in micro transactions alone. Just cause it didn't manage to keep millions of subs for years doesn't mean it made mass losses.

Also it may not be a direct sequel to kotor, but it still plays and feels like a kotor game, only much bigger and with 8 different storylines. So, yeah, if you actually take the time to play it, it's basically kotor 3 (it's not like kotor 2 was a direct sequel of kotor anyway...).

You should try it some day... Yeah I know, after a few hundred of hours of free gameplay, you might have to buy the expansion to reach level 55, but still...

Panthers1537d ago

SWTOR is profitable. It made back its money pretty early on, and then when the numbers dropped off, it went F2P. Sad, because its such a fun game. If they can fix the load time issues, I would come back.

(its funny that Im complaining about load times when Destiny is so bad and I cant put that down)

kamper1536d ago

SWTOR Is one of the highgest grossing F2P games in the world. It's huge Business for EA

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poppinslops1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I wish Bioware would port this game to consoles...
It would really take the sting out of waiting for Mass Effect and Battlefront.

And whilst I understand why it will never happen, I cannot let go of the hope...
Hope that Darth Poppinslops will someday arise and spread terror (space-herpes) throughout the Galaxy.

GuruStarr781537d ago

Me too, I think with the power o the latest gen systems, it's kinda a bad move not to port it.. it would make a LOT o money... I don't pc game (nothing against it) but I really want to play this. I loved the originals on xbox (the irst one is probably my avorite all time game).

Multiplatguy1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

This makes me want to go back but there is just so many games coming in the coming months. I hope they don't ruin Revan.

DarthJay1537d ago

I would go back to this game in a heartbeat for Revan. My favorite Star Wars character of all time.

I wish Bioware would realize how beloved he is in the gaming world and just make KOTOR3 already, even if they had to base it off the book...

wynams1537d ago

legit did not know this game was still alive

kamper1537d ago

It's alive and well. It's apparently the 14th most played game in the world right now. 3rd most played MMORPG

DarthJay1537d ago

PC anyway. That's also out of people using Raptr. I am sure that number would change once consoles were factored in.

Point remains. It gets played.

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