Destiny's Queen Rank 3 rewards kind of suck

GameZone: "Grinding that reputation so you can get Queen Rank 3 before The Queen's Wrath event ends in Destiny? Well, you might just want to stop. Apparently, the Rank 3 rewards kind of suck."

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nX1506d ago

This whole event sucks when it comes to rewards. Yes the bounties and missions are fun but why should I do it for useless legendary gear that I can't even dismantle into Ascendant Shards? Bungie seriously should overthink their RNG-approach to Destiny's loot system, that's probably the biggest problem right now.

starrman19851505d ago

I was pissed at first, but when you think about it - 6 bounties per day, each award a legendary. Legendary dismantles into 3 shards, that's 18 shards per day! I do think completely removing it was a bad idea though. Should have made it dismantle to 1-2 with a 10-20% chance or something

brbobcat1506d ago

The whole system kinda sucks. Why farm legendary gear? So you can do the raid and get more legendary gear? What for?

nX1506d ago



bigboss19901505d ago

This games to much work for nothing. I'm at level 15 and I'm bored

Perjoss1505d ago

You should play another game. Just an idea.

thorstein1503d ago

Who are you who is so wise in the ways of gaming?

Intelligent +1

Lord_Sloth1505d ago

So stop working and just start playing like me. I just shoot things. No need for a goal.

Neonridr1505d ago

I swear there are like 12 bounties that the 6 daily ones rotate through. Too much duplication. I must have killed 200 fallen with headshots like 3 or 4 times now...

a little variety would be nice.

And yes, the gear you can purchase is kind of worthless. The weapons should have at least been legendaries..

DarkZane1505d ago

Who cares if you can't make it to rep rank 3 before she leaves. They will obviously bring that event back in the not-so distant future as 95% of the players simply won't make it to rank 3.

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