2K Games drops activation, install limits for BioShock PC

Finally, 2K games taking hints over the recent Mass Effect PC securom scandal, has finally removed the activation and install limits for Bioshock PC. While you still have to activate the game online on your first installation you now don't have to worry about how many times you've installed it.

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Bolts3828d ago

It doesn't matter anyways. Bioshock and Mass Effect are throw away games without any mods or multiplayer.

MK_Red3828d ago

1. Great news.
2. Hopefully EA and Atari learn from 2K and remove this disgusting feature from PC Mass Effect and Alone in the Dark. Seriously, pirates easily break this and the only people that this activiation thing hurts are the real buyers of legit copies.

mepsipax3828d ago

IMO I think that Take 2 was basically laughing at EA over the recent Mass Effect PC thing and just said you know what? lets remove SecuRom. I don't really care about Atari they're dead anyways, but it would be nice if EA didn't have stupid ass install limits with Mass Effect, eh hell all it does it screw over people who legitimately bought the game making me want to become a pirate because they've already cracked Mass Effect and don't have to worry about install limits or activation anymore.