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Adam Shepherd writes: "I recently got the chance to get a very brief hands-on at the nVidia Game24 event, and I can safely say that based on what I played, Dying Light seems absolutely... underwhelming. ... The free-running is based on the same kind of one-button system as Assassin's Creed, but it suffers from the same problem as Mirror's Edge in that platformer mechanics don't work terribly well in first person. It's better than it was in Mirror's Edge, but not being able to see your feet still proves a little disorientating when hurtling over rooftops at high speed.

The free-running also seemed a little hamstrung by the undead. Maybe it's just a lack of skill on my part, but it felt a lot like my graceful parkour was being constantly cut short by blundering into an unwary corpse, who then attempted to use me as a snack pack."

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