I’m Going Back To Destiny in 9 Months

Cory Shultz from For the Love of Gaming writes:

"With so many games releasing in the next few weeks, I have decided to essentially give up on Destiny for awhile. I gave Destiny a fair shot, but there is just so much wrong that it’s driving me insane. I honestly started to make a turn around and start to enjoy Destiny after about 8 hours."

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Dudebro901535d ago

I really tried to like the game too, but there are just too many flaws that make it feel like they just shoved it out the door. Worst part is, I know the good content will be pushed for DLC and not added for free. It is activision....

ramiuk11535d ago

im gonna have another go when this next patch comes out to see what engram drops etc are like and in strikes.
but im selling it.

bro inlaw is on about getting it around xmas time,so i will prob get it again then and redo it with him and by then hopefully alot of new content added

nX1535d ago

Sounds like an intelligent decision to sell it then. Also, I can't imagine someone enjoying the game in 9 months if he doesn't enjoy it today... I for one play it everyday and still enjoy it, maybe Destiny is just not the right game for you.

joab7771535d ago

I don't understand ppl that quit b/c of engrams drop rate, like in the 1st week you should have had all legendaries, or they removed the loot cave.

I didn't use the loot cave. I played the content and I have all legendaries, a few exotics, 1 raid gear piece and am almost level 28. The week just started too.

It's design to level is fine. For an mmo, it may even be too fast, and the new patch will make it even easier. Now, ppl can focus on min/maxing for hard raid and iron banner.

Seriouslt, it's like ppl will grind repetitive CoD matches for months to get stuff, but 2 weeks is too long for this game.

4logpc1535d ago

I didn't quit just because of the engrams.

The entire design of that system, and a lot of other systems feel like they are not fully fleshed out. Its not that I expected to pick up the best items in a few hours, I thought I would have fun doing the activities to get those items. That just isnt there.

CloudRap1535d ago

Yes but in games like cod and BF youre grinding for attachments, camos, etc. but it has a clear goal for those things, and youre playing against other people which is alot funner than killing stupid AIs the whole day just for the CHANCE to get what youre looking for, its mundane.

ramiuk11535d ago

@bloodborn i really enjoy the game.
fed up with getting leg engrams and them being green or blue and i want to play it with people i know and currently my broinlaw doesnt have the game.

i used to play EQ2 for years and i repeated many zones etc and had fun because there was always loot with good reward.
i dont mind grind for something in return and when u in a game and a lvl 2 enemy drops loot and a lvl 24 boss doesnt,there is an issue imo.

Enate1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@joab777 I play cods multiplayer for months because it was fun an each match played out differently. I wasn't grinding for gear like I am in destiny an cod has a lot of rewarding things for doing good in mp. Destiny doesn't seem to care weather you do good or not.

Me and a few friends have played Destiny pretty much since the day it came out. An have had vastly different loot experiences so..... Just because you have a ton of legendary's and some exotics doesn't mean everyone else does. Come to think of it I haven't had a legendary engram drop for me in 3 days but my gf had 5 in yesterday.

An the out of all the legendary engrams I got before that I think 4 maybe 5 out of 20 to 25 or so turned legendary. While my gf and a friend pulled an ice breaker the same day I got nothing. If they didn't agree the loot system was broken they would not have patched it.

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Death1535d ago

Once you hit 20 the game changes. Raids become available and you start to get better equipment/weapons. It becomes more of a grind, but the chances of finding the rares/legendary items makes it worth it. The story itself wasn't as bad as some make it out to be. The characters are just hard to care about since they are made as generic as possible so more people can customize them to their tastes. It's hard to shoe horn a customizable character into a story like this.

With that said a lot comes down to who you play with. If you have a group of friends it is much more fun than playing with random strangers.

Ghost_Nappa1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

What story? Does Destiny have a plot and we all just missed it? Also, between MCC and Advanced Warfare, Destiny is dead to me as of Nov.

Dudebro901535d ago

It doesn't come down to who you play with.

Its simple, the game is not done/ wasn't ready. There are better games out that do what destiny tries to do better.

Will it get better? Hopefully, but its a fact the game wasn't done.

Also please don't try to justify the story. Its absolute garbage.

Death1535d ago

I actually completed the game. It does indeed have a story. Is it the best story to hit gaming? No. Is it absolute garbage? Again the answer is no. I'm more shocked that the story has a "finish" since that kind of makes replaying the missions senseless to a degree. It also makes expansions more difficult, but as you know from finishing the game there is more "evil born from the Darkeness out there". I wouldn't think it would have been that hard to alter the cut scenes after completing them to make it less redundant. Patrol missions are a joke as far as repetition goes. They can be no more lame or generic. You can tell virtually no time was put into them, but they are a good way to level up especially when combined with bounty missions.

I completely disagree with you when you say friends don't make the differance. Any game where you grind for XP or gear is boring as hell. When you have good friends to bs with and torture it makes the time not only go by faster, but fun. If you have no friends, online gaming is a moot point.

JontheNerd1535d ago

I still like the game, and still thinks its fun. But I do understand why you would put it down for awhile. Shoot in 9 months there will be much more to do.

4logpc1535d ago

Thats what im hoping. Maybe Bungie just needs some time to fix and add things to the game that will make it a lot more fun. Loot heavy games always have a weird launch period.

JontheNerd1535d ago

Yea, I'm sure things will be improved. Just gotta stick through it. Honestly getting to come home from a long day at work then being able to jump on my PS4 and blast some aliens is enough for me lol

DeadlyOreo1535d ago

To be honest, I was enjoying this game, especially around level 20 and beyond but now it feels like I'm just redoing things I've already done about a hundred times just for slightly better equipment and weapons, so I can then do everything again slightly easier. It all just seems a bit pointless now. I find Borderlands games have a far better looting method, and huge replayability.

Septic1535d ago

Pffft 9 months. Whole new life forms are formed within that time.

nikrel1535d ago

I ponied up for the game & pass right away. I have tried to like the game but the competitive is just blah & I'm enjoying PvE:Garden Warfare more.

Destiny has great graphics & sounds but lacks in content.

I think titan was a FPS/TPS & it saw how people reacted to Destiny & was canceled.

Funantic11535d ago

Bungie said that Destiny becomes fun after 20 hours of gameplay. Now this guy is saying 9 months. Bungie needs to give up on Destiny and start working on a different game that doesn't resemble Halo so much.

Death1535d ago

The story/campaign is what you will do to level 20. If you haven't hit 20, patrols will get you there pretty quick. It didn't take me long to hit 20 and I play much less than most people. Once you finish the campaign you need to upgrade your equipment to level. This is much more challenging since rare drops aren't very common. The difficulty level scales with your character so replaying levels isn't a breeze. The raids are where the fun is at when you hit 20.

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